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  Should bad kids be excluded from school?
Updated 27 May 2002, 18.55
Girls at school
More and more kids seem to excluded from school these days.

Is this because they are so horrible they don't deserve to be taught? Or are they just doing what eveyone else does, but they get caught?

Do you know someone you think should be excluded? Or are you someone who has been excluded? How do you feel?

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opening quoteSchool is far too strict. Detention, exclusion and suspension are just too many punishments. If a child is constantly bad, there should be a special lesson dedicated to being good and if they are talking, should be made to tell everyone in class, or should have to do extra homework. No detention, suspension and definitely not exclusions!! closing quote
Emzi,11, Studley

opening quoteIf we don't exclude kids who are behaving really badly then it makes people think they can do anything and they will break rules over and over again. Although help should be avaliable of those expelled.closing quote
Sarah, 16, Middlesex

opening quoteBad kids shouldn't be excluded from school. Everyone has the right to an education. They should be given extra help.closing quote
Emily, 11, North Yorkshire

opening quoteIt is right to exclude people if they are ruining other people's education.closing quote
Carla, 12, Bradford

opening quoteI've been excluded before and it did teach me a lesson, but I feel that if I was punished in a different way, it may have been useful, like if I'd been sent to a place where I could do something constructive with my time.closing quote
Ajay, 16, Manchester

opening quoteI think that kids who get excluded are just disturbed or have problems that they don't want to talk about. They Should Just Get Some Help. closing quote
Matthew, 13, Waterlooville

opening quoteChildren have been excluded because they BROKE THE RULES - lots and lots of time and still don't listen! closing quote
Gemma, 13, Taunton

opening quoteI think they should because if kids are bad they get told off, then a detention, and if that doesn't work, extraction form the lesson. If they still continue to be bad then what other choice does the school have but to exclude them? Especially if they are bullying or ruining others education! It certainly helps to stop their bad behaviour! closing quote
Lorna, 14, Oxfordshire

opening quoteI agree children should be excluded from school. Kids go to school to have an education. Many children muck about and disturb those who want to learn. I know in our German class I want to get on but our teacher can't teach us because she is to busy attending to children who are mucking around!!! closing quote
Emma, 13, Thornaby

opening quoteIt's up to them if they want to learn, and those who choose not to learn it's their own fault. closing quote
Ewan, 13, Livingston

opening quoteNo, I don't think bad kids should be banned because some teachers can't control you. And sometimes they make it worse by going on a pupils side! I've had a few teachers like that myself! closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northampton

opening quoteI do think bad kids should be excluded from school. At my school everyone always talks so we don't really learn as much as other schools do. And they should be punished for it, but teachers are too soft these days. closing quote
Louise Kerrison, 13, Bournemouth

opening quoteKids that stop other kids education should be taken away from school because they don't do anything in class so why would they care! closing quote
Adam Burnhams, 13, Basingstoke

opening quoteKids shouldn't be excluded from school because then they won't get enough education.closing quote
Ruth, 8, Newcastle

opening quoteKids are excluded because they've been bad. It's harsh, but it's the rules and if they hadn't been bad, they would still be at school. Why should they ruin my education?closing quote
Anthony, 13, The Wirral

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