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  Are you addicted to your mobile phone?
Updated 09 May 2002, 19.07

Calling all mobile phone addicts.

A new survey has shown that most people never turn their mobile phones off!

Is your phone constantly switched on? Does it drive you mad? Are your phone bills out of this world?

Tell us about your mobile addictions!

opening quoteI couldn't do anything without my phone. It's got all my numbers on, my details and I couldn't call my m8s without it, only fing is the amount of money I spend on it... closing quote
Emz, 13, Hertfordshire

opening quoteMobile's are good but I'm not obsessed, I do get really fed up after a bit. But the games are WICKED!!! closing quote
Katie, 14, West Midlands

opening quoteThe must-have item for everyone is a mobile phone, but I think that only the mature people should have them. Children are just wasting money and time on them and it could damage their health. A lot of teens take them to school but I don't see the real need to as schools will phone home if there are any problems.closing quote
Rachel, 13, Grantham

opening quoteI love my little phone. I can't go anywhere without it.closing quote
Mellisa, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteMobiles are cool, but they are so dangerous and once you get one you can't put it down, mobiles are addictive.closing quote
Stephen, 15, Antrim

opening quoteI'm not addicted to my mobile but I always have it with me so that I feel safe.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteMy phone is always on. I charge it up every night. I am always texting, but never phone people. Texting is so much better.closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI don't have a mobile but if I did I would addicted to it!closing quote
Gemma, 14, Taunton

opening quoteText messaging is so addictive, once you start you just can't stop!closing quote
Sara, 12, Surrey


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