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  What do you think of term-time holidays?
Updated 25 March 2003, 16.47

Have you ever missed school to go on holiday?

Well, the government are thinking of fining parents who take their kids on holiday during term time.

They think that your education suffers if you miss school, so want to stop it happening.

But what do you think? Do term-time holidays get you behind with your work? Or does sunning yourself on a beach help you to work better for the rest of the term?

opening quoteIf people want to skive off school and mess around with mates then I think they should. In the end they will have no qualifications and regret what they did when they were younger. But all the kids who do wanna learn should get the holidays as a break for working so hard.closing quote
Tonya, 13, Hurgate

opening quoteI think that they should let you take term time holidays but only two each school year.closing quote
Jennifer, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI think that it's OK if it's only like one or two days, cos I sometimes have to go to my mum's family who live in a different country, and they have different holidays than us, so I sometimes have to take a day off, but someone in my form was away for a week, but I think that's just too long, cos it's not fair on the people who stay in school.closing quote
Claire, 11, Kent

opening quoteI was thinking about whether there should be some sort of rule so people don't just keep taking time off. But my sister, at the beginning of the holidays had a day off so we could catch the flight. And she hardly has any time off school anyway. So I don't think it's fair for people like that.closing quote
Nathalie, 11, Burwell

opening quoteI think that term holidays should be allowed, because they are educational and also fun to go on. If they did not allow us to go on holidays they would have to give us an extra two weeks from Christmas, in January to go to France skiing. We learn how to ski and we learn how to speak French or talk to French people.closing quote
Robbie, 11, Larne, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI think holidays in term-time should be allowed, but there should be a limit. My friend missed the first week of school and now she can't go on the school trip!closing quote
Rachel, 12, South Lanarkshire

opening quoteI think its a stupid idea. If we miss important education then it's our own fault and the government should let us decide if we want to miss school or not.closing quote
Zoe, 11, Fleet

opening quoteI think term-time holidays should be allowed as parents get holidays cheaper then.closing quote
Craig, 12, Strathaven

opening quoteI think that if you have a good attendance record you should be allowed a holiday in term time but not for too long. Let's say for example 7-10 days. I think you should have to take any homework with you so then you won't miss that much. Also not everyone's parents can get time off in the holidays plus lots of people can't afford to go in the holidays. If the holidays were cheaper maybe this wouldn't even be a problem!closing quote
Natalie, 12, Aberdare

opening quoteI go on holiday one week a year in school time but I do think that too much time is being taken out of school. I think that they should allow one or two weeks out in the school year as sometimes it's not possible to go in the holidays so I think you should let them go for a few weeks but no more!closing quote
Natasha, 11, Somerford

opening quoteI went on holiday in term time last year but when I came back I collected all the work I had missed and caught up with it so I didn't miss anything. I think term holidays should be allowed just as long as you don't have too much time off.closing quote
Matt, 14, Leicester

opening quoteHolidays are essential and must fit in with parent's work holiday dates which are constantly changing from year to year to sometimes holidays in term time have to occur.closing quote
Steve, 15, Witham

opening quoteMy mum and dad can't afford to take us away during the school holidays. I think it is very unfair how holiday companies can almost double the prices during school holiday times. If they were cheaper there would be less children off during term time.closing quote
Rebecca, 9, Preston

opening quoteI think we should be allowed to take time off school because many parents do shift work and only have two-day breaks at a time and that is not enough to go on holiday.closing quote
Jo, 12, Maidenhead

opening quoteWhy doesn't the government stop the holiday companies putting up their prices for school holiday times.closing quote
Jennifer, 12, Clevedon

opening quoteI think we should be allowed no less than three weeks off school per half term and not have to go to school on a Monday if we don't want to because school shouldn't be allowed to run your life, especially mine and my sisters because we always get detentions.closing quote
Roxy, 13, Southend on Sea

opening quoteThis should be allowed unless the parent has an acceptable excuse for going away, like a family issue. Not all children could be academically able to catch up for taking time off school and the least thing a parent would want is your child becoming overtired from catching up. If parents insist on taking their child on holiday during the term, the best solution is to have shorter but more terms and so giving parents a better option of going away without their child missing out.closing quote
Louise, 14, London

opening quoteIt should be OK, as long as it's not during something important, say SATs for example. But sometimes there just is no other choice.closing quote
Hannah, 13, Berkshire

opening quoteI think that term-time holidays should not be allowed, it's what the half-terms and holidays are for.closing quote
Kristina, 13, Ealing

opening quoteTerm-time holidays should definitely be allowed, as long as you're not off school for more than, say, two weeks.closing quote
Natalie, 14, Lincoln

opening quoteA couple of years ago I went on holiday for two weeks. I didn't really miss anything. The whole idea is silly.closing quote
Luke, 13, Ashford

opening quoteMy mum and dad can't get holidays off when the school holidays are on. So I have to go on holiday in school time and I'm sure other people have this problem so I think parent should be charged. If the child works hard and catches up then it should be allowed.closing quote
Rachel, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI think it depends on how much time off school you have had already. Like, if you have been off loads, they shouldn't let you go on holiday but if not they should do. The teachers should also decide on your performance in school and see if you deserve time off or not.closing quote
Julie, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI think it's stupid. I think it's the parents fault if the child doesn't have a good education and if the parent loves the kid then they will send them to school. But i think its a scheme to get the government more money. They should concentrate on more important things.closing quote
Helena, 13, Grimsby

opening quoteIt's not fair to fine parents for taking term-time holidays. Not everyone can afford to take holidays at peak-times.closing quote
Natalie, 15, Leicestershire

opening quoteI think term time hols should be allowed as long as you come back and work hard to catch up!! I think that they should only be allowed for a certain amount of time!closing quote
Anisa, 13, London

opening quoteI recently went on holiday to New Zealand and other places for 8 weeks. We went over the christmas holidays but I still missed five weeks of school. We couldn't have gone in our summer holidays because it would be winter and I also learnt about volcanoes and other cool stuff. It's wrong for parents to be charged because children can catch up on the work.closing quote
James, 14, Hereford

opening quoteI think its pathetic because schools take us out on day trips. In a way they're the ones which waste days!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteSometimes Kids need a break. I learn loads of new languages when I go abroad, I learn the currency, I try new foods and everything. And I come back all brown and ready to learn!closing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffordshire

opening quoteWe almost always go on holiday in term time because it is cheaper and you aren't going at the same time as everyone else! As long as you make up the work you missed when you come back, it doesn't harm your education.closing quote
Laura, 14, Stroud

opening quoteIn a way I do agree with fining parents for taking their children off school during the school year. We get three months holiday and several term breaks. That's when you should go away.closing quote
Brid, 14, Dublin

opening quoteI think going on holiday in school time is fine as long as you've not got exams or tests coming up and anything you miss you can always catch up on.closing quote
Stacey, 13, Paisley

opening quoteI think it is OK for about a week as long as it is educational. You sometimes learn more on holiday than at school.closing quote
Emily, 13, York

opening quoteI don't think there should be a problem. Obviously if someone keeps have holidays then something should be done, but we all need a break once in a while!closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think going on holiday in school time is fine as long as you've not got exams or tests coming up and anything you miss you can always catch up on.closing quote
Stacey, 13, Paisley

opening quoteEvery time I go on holiday it is during term. I think that if you are under a lot of stress at school it clears your head and makes you feel a lot better! My mum and dad hate going on holiday during the summer as you can never get spaces on the beach or at your hotel pool!closing quote
Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI think it's stupid to fine parents for taking their children off school. The only reason that they do this is because it is so expensive to go anywhere in recognised school holidays. Parents don't just go on holiday in term time for the fun of it, it's because it is more convenient. It's pathetic if schools can't understand this.closing quote
Catherine, 15, Wirral

opening quoteI think it helps with your education. I learned how to speak better French and you learn other things. Holidays are always more expensive in half term.closing quote
Sophie, 10, Twickenham

opening quoteI think that it shouldn't be allowed cos there's a girl in my class whose been on term time holiday three times this academic year, even though we've got SATS.closing quote
Hannah, 11, Staffordshire

opening quoteI hate having to catch up. You get loads of homework to do. I don't really like having days off.closing quote
Sandy, 11, Liverpool

opening quoteI hate having days off school, (call me strange..) But you end up so much work to copy up, it's just easier not to. closing quote
Sarah 14, Powys

opening quoteHolidays in school time is great, but when you get back you miss out on everything that's happened!closing quote

opening quoteI love going on holiday in skool time and I come back raring to go and with bags of energy!! closing quote
Ruth 13, Nottingham

opening quoteI think that term-time holidays should be allowed, but only for a certain amount of days, and children should only be allowed 1 term-time holiday each school year. closing quote
Hannah 11, Lincolnshire

opening quoteI think it should not be allowed. Because school is a very important part of your live. We get enough vacations in a year. closing quote
Marten van Kesteren 13, Holland

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