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Updated 02 May 2002, 20.43

Rats could soon by fitted with implants in their brains to help them find buried earthquake victims.

But do you think this is fair on them?

Should animals be used to help out in emergencies or should humans be sent to disaster zones instead?

Tell us what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI hate the fact that the rats are being controlled, like slaves. Being trained is a different story because if they really did not want to, they would have a choice.closing quote
Cara, 13, Didcot

opening quoteI think it is good if the rats can save lives but who's to say people won't go too far and start to do this to their pets and maybe even other humans.closing quote
Gina, 12, London

opening quoteI have a rat and she is so cute and cuddly. Putting things inside rats' heads is just cruel. You can't do something so cruel to an animal that has come into this world with a mind and take it from them.closing quote
Anna, 13, Derbyshire

opening quoteIf the rats don't get killed then it is definitely a good thing as it will save human lives.closing quote
Oliver, 13, Devon

opening quoteWhy not use monkeys? Monkeys can dig well and some are quite small.closing quote
Jan, 12, Belfast

opening quoteIt is wrong to turn rats into robots.They have been abused in labs for years, most medicine has been tested on them and now people are taking away their minds as well. My pet rats decide for themselves if they want to please me or not and that is the way it should be.closing quote
Melissa, 9, Glasgow

opening quoteI think it's appalling! I know it's to help people but they could find another away to help them than using the poor rats. The scientist that thought of the idea must be off his head! Hasn't he been told that messing with animals is wrong!closing quote
Angela, 14, Silloth

opening quoteI think that if the rats can survive with the implants in their heads and it is not doing any harm to them, why not?closing quote
Amy, 12, Scarborough

opening quoteI think it's pointless, we already have dogs which can do the task required with specialist training and chipping rats will be rather expensive and a waste if time in my view.closing quote
Oliver, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI think that although the rats could save lives it's worrying as well because if they can do this to rats now how long will it be before someone discovers how to do it to humans?closing quote
Thomas, 10, Chadderton

opening quoteThis isn't a breakthrough and is something to be ashamed of!Turning animals into robots is CRUEL!closing quote
Melanie, 15, Tewkesbury

opening quoteIt could save a lot of lives. It's not all bad for the rats because they feel pleasure when they go the right way.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Tenby

opening quoteI don't think it is wrong to create "robot rats" but they should be specially bred for the treatment.closing quote
Matthew, 14, Walsall

opening quoteHow can you justify this? Humans are always using animals for unnecessary things. Why don't we do it ourselves?closing quote
Alex, 12, Sheffield

opening quoteI think it's cruel. People might have a different view if it was dogs or something. Lodging something into their brains, controling them, is sick.closing quote
Beth, 13, Wales

opening quoteI think it's a good idea to fit rats with implants because rats can obviously get into smaller spaces than bigger animals. As long as it doesn't hurt them it's alright.closing quote
Gemma, 13, Maidenhead

opening quoteI think it's wrong to mess around with rats' brains, even if it would help save lives.closing quote
Natalie, 13, Lincoln

opening quoteThis should not be allowed because it is messing with nature. No human would like it done to them so why do it to others?closing quote
Matthew, 16, Peterlee

opening quoteIf it does not affect the animal in any way then I think it's a great idea, but if it does cause pain then I would be aganst the idea.closing quote
Charlotte, 15, Manchester

opening quoteIt's not fair on the rats, what happend to a such thing called freedom.closing quote
Aidan, 14, Ireland

opening quoteI think it's cruel.They already have dogs. How would you like it if you have something stuck in your brain?closing quote
Charlotte,12, Devon

opening quoteRats are small and can fit into places where we can't. If it helps save lives then they should do it.closing quote
Ashley, 17, Leeds

opening quoteIf the rats can help save lives then why not?closing quote
Ellie, 13, Leeds

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