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  Is American music better than British music?
Updated 01 May 2002, 15.59

For the first time in nearly 40 years, there isn't a single British act in the US chart.

Robbie Williams, Oasis, and Westlife have all flopped on the other side on the pond, but Britney, Destiny's Child, Eminem, Blink 182 and many others are huge in the UK.

Why is that? Is American music just better? Or does the USA just not have any taste!

Let us know what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quotePeople complain about how English music is all the same (Westlife, Gareth & Will etc.) but American music is not much better. Can you tell the difference between all the "nu-metal" bands.closing quote
Chris, 14, Market Harborough

opening quoteI like English music, but American music like Sum41 Blink182 and Pink appeal to me more because they write their own stuff and play instruments.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Aldershot

opening quoteThe only British stuff I know over here are Craig David and Dido. I don't really know any bands besides S Club, so I can't really say which is better.closing quote
Mona, 14, California, USA

opening quoteBrit music rocks! The Americans are so huge over here but I reckon that they don't like Brit music because they don't understand the history of people like Robbie Williams. Although America might provide money, we are loyal over here! closing quote
Hayley, 14, Aldershot

opening quoteAll the British music is very much the same. After a while I get bored with Westlife, Gareth Gates, and Blue crooning on my radio. I'm really, really sad to say it, but my dad's old Meatloaf tape sounds better than some of the stuff we've got today!!!closing quote
Amanda, 12, London

opening quoteI think that American music is much better than British music. For starters there's no garage (what a result!) The radio stations play a greater mix from rock, pop, hiphop to r'n'b. They have it all. We shouldn't have to listen to American radio stations on the internet to hear the type of music we love. To improve British music we need bands that aren't manufactured, sing covers and actually have some talent.closing quote
Jen, 16, Chessington

opening quoteI think American music is better because there are more genres of music. Also there are a lot of rock and metal bands in America, eg Linkin Park and Slipknot.closing quote
Daniel, 11, Shaftesbury

opening quoteAt the moment I think that American music is slightly better than the British stuff. Britain is just churning out lots of manufactured pop groups, who don't write their own music, and who just sing cover versions. So obviously these groups don't have enough talent to make it out in America!closing quote
Rachel, 13, Bishop's Stortford

opening quoteI think dat British music is well cooler than American music with the exception of Eminem. But I think dat it's not fair on Americans who don't get bands like So Solid Crew and Misteeq cuz they might do well in America. You never know!closing quote
Shabnam, 12, Preston

opening quoteCurrent Brit bands are excellent! In a way I hope they never go to America, because if they make it, they might not come back!closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteJust because we have no Brits in the charts for one week why are we panicking? Dido is a huge star over there as is Craig David, BBMAK and S Club have even got into the top 10! What's the problem? We are a tiny island, America is massive so of course they will have more musicians.closing quote
Charlotte, 15, Croydon

opening quoteAmerica has great groups like Destiny's Child, but our music is brill too! Let's live up to our standards and get some Brit groups on those charts!closing quote
Annie, 12, Durham

opening quoteI think that most British music is great! There is no reason why it shouldn't be top of the charts in the US as well as here. But I don't think that Oasis should be number one here though, because it isn't their best song!closing quote
Giulietta, 14, Suffolk

opening quoteIt shouldn't be about where the music comes from, it should be about how much effort the artist has put into it, the lyrics, what the song means and the message its putting across. All music is good, just in its own individual way.closing quote
Chantelle, 15, Slough

opening quoteEnglish music could beat American any day!closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Devon

opening quoteAmerica and Britain both have brilliant music. American music gets boring and incessant when they repeat those rap songs, British music gets unbearable when boy bands are ruling the charts. Personally, I love both British and American music with a passion, but Australian music will always hold my favourite vote. closing quote
Char, 13, Melbourne, Australia

opening quoteIt's not that we don't have any taste, it's just a lot of us Americans don't know about bands like Hear'Say. I feel like the only one who does!closing quote
Kaleigh, 13, Wethersfield, USA

opening quoteRight now, there's nothing exciting in our charts, just slushy songs and boring Oasis stuff.closing quote
Toby, 11, Land's End


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