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  Do you care it's St George's day?
Updated 24 April 2002, 10.18

St George's Day falls on the 23 April, but walking around England you'd hardly notice.

Wales celebrates St David's Day, Scotland celebrates St Andrew, and Ireland has St Patrick.

But do any saints' days matter?

By not marking St George are we losing our heritage? Or is it silly to mark any of our different nationalities in this way?

Let us know what you think:

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opening quoteIt really bugs me that our country isn't more patriotic - like you said, St Patrick's day, St David's day and St Andrew's day are celebrated. It won't do this country any harm to acknowledge that we are, after all, English.closing quote
Jo, 12, Bromley

opening quoteWe should pay more attention to St George these days because we are forgetting who we are and turning into different people!closing quote
Marianne, 13, Hull

opening quoteAt my school there was a big assembly for St David's day but there was only a small one for St George's day and we dont even live in Wales! It is well out of order! closing quote
Jimmy, 13, Briston

opening quoteI don't mind, but everyone celebrates St Patrick's day, so why not celebrate St George's? The REAL reason that I love this day is because it's my birthday!closing quote
Radojka, 13, Leicester

opening quoteI'm Scottish and I don't think St. Andrew's cay is celebrated enough either. Burns Night and Tartan Day in America are celebrated more, and I think St. Andrew's day should be given more recognition.closing quote
Martin, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteWe got today off school because it was St George's. I think we should make more of it, maybe fairs should be held to celebrate!closing quote
Nicki, 12, Watford

opening quoteSt George's day means nothing to me, I don't celebrate it because I don't really understand what it's all about!closing quote
Chantal, 14, Bath

opening quoteI think celebrating saints' days does matter. It's a chance for the whole country to feel proud of their nationality. I am Welsh, so I don't care about St George's day but in Wales St David's day is celebrated and I really enjoy it. I think the English should celebrate St George's Day.closing quote
Rhiannon, Cardiff

opening quoteEveryone in England seems to celebrate St.Patrick's day even if they are not Irish! My city holds a big parade on St.Patrick's day but nothing is done for St.George's day! We should celebrate this day as it is our patron Saint and our heritage!closing quote
Danielle, 14, West Midlands

opening quoteI think we should celebrate this day, it's important.closing quote
Gavin, 12, Aldershot

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