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  Do we treat asylum seekers fairly?
Updated 24 April 2002, 10.39

In Monday's Newsround Extra two children talk about their search for asylum in Britain.

Many asylum seekers get sent back to their home countries, but should we allow more people to stay?

Let us know what you think!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think that asylum seekers should be let in, but they should get jobs and pay taxes like everyone else. by letting them in we are accepting them as part of our country and should be treated like everyone else.closing quote
Helen, 15, Cheshire

opening quoteThey have a right to escape from the violence! closing quote
Charlotte, 13, Hull

opening quoteIt is awful how we treat asylum seekers. Some people who write to you are so quick to judge people 'cos of their skin colour. To all those people out there who say it's bad to have asylum seekers in our country: how would you like it if you were worried for your life every hour of the day? closing quote
Jolanda, 11, London

opening quoteIf you are in danger, then surely you will want to travel to the nearest safe country. Some asylum seekers are trying to obtain a lot of facilities from Britain like the NHS and schooling, without paying back via tax like British citizens do. I believe there is no reason why the asylum seekers need really to travel all the way to Britain.closing quote
Matthew, 15, Windsor

opening quoteI think that asylum seekers should go away. Why should we have to look after them when they cause fights over here? There are loads where I live and they walk around in groups and they call you names, so why should we tolerate this? They deserve to go back to their own country if they cause trouble.closing quote
Sinead, 12, Lincoln

opening quoteAt first I thought we should welcome asylum seekers into Britain, but I found out that most of them only come to Britain to make money to send to their families. If they're really running away from war etc, why don't they stay in France, or somewhere else in Europe?closing quote
Zarah, 15, Essex

opening quote It must be very hard for the asylum seekers and your programme really touched me. closing quote
Melanie, 12, Dumfries

opening quote I worry about our country. Everywhere you go you see asylum seekers of all kinds and none of them have anything to do, that's why there's trouble. We have to help them. closing quote
Seb, 13, Milton Keynes

opening quote I don't think they should be turned away from Britain. It's wrong for anyone's life to be taken from them. But they must respect Britain too. Once they've got on their feet again they should pay taxes and live like other British people. I know that many asylum seekers to go by the British rules, which is good. No one would inhabit Britain today if it weren't for people coming from different countries. closing quote
Lucy, 13, Hertfordshire

opening quote I think we should treat asylum seekers better. They came to our country for a better life and they may not be in fear of their lives anymore, but they still have to cope with racism, poor living conditions and other such terrible things. They are human, just like us. closing quote
Kathy, 12, London

opening quoteIf we want to help asylum seekers, we should take them 'on board', look after them properly and make them feel part of the British community, not just 'outsiders'. Having said this, maybe we should not let asylum seekers take refuge in our country until we have sorted out problems of our own such as health and education and homeless people living on streets. However, this may cause people to take even more desperate measures to get into this country! I think that the asylum issue is very difficult to solve!closing quote
Mariam, 13, Wakefield

opening quoteI do sympathize with the plight of many asylum seekers. However, shouldn't they claim asylum in the first safe country they come to? Anyone risking the dangerous journey to Britain must be doing so for economic reasons.closing quote
Paul, 16, Addlestone

opening quoteIt doesn't matter how much we rant about the subject, we can't change the fact that asylum seekers are people too and should be given a fair chance. If we were in that position and we had a small chance of a better life in Britain, we would all do exactly what all the asylum seekers are doing now, for ourselves and our families.closing quote
Lauren, 13, Worcester

opening quoteI don't think we should allow asylum seekers into the country but I do think we should help them in their own country by providing them with food and shelter and try to give them a more peaceful life.closing quote
Rob, 12, Hove

opening quoteEngland is one of the safest places in the world. Some of them are just coming here to get rich but I'm sorry for all the people who have come over from other places and have seen other people they know murdered.closing quote
Penelope, 8, Daventry

opening quoteWe treat them too fairly. We are a small island which is overpopulated as it is without allowing illegal immigrants to live here also. Why travel all the way to Britain? If they are so desperate to get away from their country why not get to the closest, safest country possible. I'm pretty darn sure we aren't the closest, safest country from Iraq! Why cross the channel to get here. France is safe. Germany is safe. And if you are going to immigrate do it legally! I think the report was very one sided.closing quote
Sam, 14, Leicester

opening quoteI think we are letting asylum seekers in too freely, many of them will just be seeking benefits and seeing as the government let them have a free house then they'll jump at the chance and make up a story about them being badly treated and having an awful life in where ever they come from.closing quote
Kathryn, 14, Manchester

opening quoteThey want to put a centre for 750 asylum seekers in a small village near to my home. There are only 400 of us living here and I am scared that I won't be able to play outside anymore because of all the young men walking around. They say that only a quarter of these people will be allowed to stay in Britain, that means that over 500 of them shouldn't be here in the first place. Please stop letting people in until you know that they really need protection and allow me to play in the park in my village.closing quote
Sam, 12, Lincoln

opening quoteI think we should treat asylum seekers better. They came to our country for a better life and they may not be in fear of their lives anymore, but they still have to cope with racism, poor living conditions and other such terrible things. They are human, just like us.closing quote
Kathy, 12, London

opening quoteWe should let more people stay.closing quote
Marsha, 10, Buckle

opening quoteI don't think that it is right to turn them away. But if they are bogus and just come here for the benefit, they should be made to leave.closing quote
Becky, 13, Bournemouth

opening quoteI know a lot about immigrants. My dad is an immigration officer and my mum is a translator and she helps the asylum seekers. I sometimes go round with her to meet the families and I was really devastated to see how badly they get treated. The B+B's they stay in are awful and they're so small. One elderly man has to climb a whole set of stairs to get to his tiny, unclean flat. They aren't dangerous, they are poorly treated, scared young people.closing quote
Yasmine, 14, Portsmouth

opening quoteI think we treat too many false asylum seekers who come over here. The point in letting asylum seekers in was to help them escape death. Now they take liberties and I don't think they should be allowed in until they have been granted citizenship.closing quote
Charles, 13, Harborne

opening quoteI used to be an asylum seeker until about a month ago, me and my mum come from Ethiopia. We put in an application for asylum as soon as we got here, we had to wait 6 years for a decision and now we are allowed to stay here.closing quote
Mary, 13, London

opening quoteI'm Kurdish(Turkish). I came to this country when I was two years old and my father was a refugee. He was tortured in Turkey by the police because he was Kurdish. Now I'm 15, it doesn't make a difference where I'm from to other people. As one of the community in London I have to learn how to survive in this culture and also learn about my own culture. It is very hard and a lot of people disrespect you. People come here not because they want to, but because they need help. That is why they're called refugees.closing quote
Yasmine, 14, Portsmouth

opening quoteI don't think we should be letting in asylum seekers.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Lancashire

opening quoteThis may sound very harsh but I only think that they should only be allowed to stay in the country, if they have found a job within six months. I also want to rant that an asylum seeker gets more money than my nan who has worked all her life.closing quote
Nicola, 13, Shropshire

opening quoteI really worry about asylum seekers. It is not right to turn them away.closing quote
Vanessa, 14, Durham

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