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  Do school tests start too young?
Updated 13 May 2002, 18.55

Lots of teachers want SAT exams for seven-year-olds to be scrapped because they think that they cause too much stress for teachers and pupils.

But we want to know what you think.

Do school tests start too young?

E-mail us your comments now!

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opening quoteI have just finished my SATs and teachers are already talking about revising for my end of year exams which we have in July! As if I haven't had enough of revising for the past week!! The amount of exams in school are just getting stupid!closing quote
Katie, 14, Ellesmere Port

opening quoteI personally don't mind doing tests and exams at all and I think we should get used to it, although adults and teachers shouldn't put us under too much stress. I don't think children under 10 should have to do tests or exams.closing quote
Hannah, 11, Clevedon

opening quoteSome tests have to be given to children when they're young, but I think that they should be given in a more fun form, instead of papers and papers of stressy questions.closing quote
Joanna, 11, Windsor

opening quoteAll we seem to do is tests now. Everything has to be evaluated, then followed by exam. Don't let kids feel the pressure, or the teachers. Please no more tests! closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteTeachers need to know what your good at so they can help those who aren't going to do very well in other testsclosing quote
Ewan, 13, Livingston

opening quoteIt would be useful to compare with children from other countries, like China and India, where children start taking exams from age 4. I myself was a student at an Indian School, and upon arrival in the UK at age 15, I found my performance and knowledge in subjects like Maths, Science, and English a lot better than others.closing quote
Raj, 16, Guildford

opening quoteWe are too young to have the strain of having to revise. In Australia they don't have them until high school.closing quote
Mark, 11, Woodford Green

opening quoteI don't think you should have to do exams until you are at least 12.closing quote
Natalie, 13, Lincoln

opening quoteI think it is very silly to give younger children a test that will just muck up their minds and make them very stressed and when you get to my age - they will get exams then. closing quote
Keri, 14, Perth

opening quoteIt seems silly to make young kids do exams, they have so many to do when they get older.closing quote
Jemma, 12, Newcastle

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