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  Do you think Gibraltar should stay British?
Updated 18 April 2002, 19.13

Last month 25,000 out of the 30,000 people that live in Gibraltar came out on to the streets to protest against losing British sovereignty.

They are worried that Britain will agree to share Gibraltar with Spain and they won't get a say on the matter.

So, we want to know what you think.

Do you think Gibraltar should stay British?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI used to live in Gibraltar and my dad still lives there. He feels strongly that it should stay British as do I. It's not Britain's choice or Spain's, Gibraltar should vote - that's the only way this can be resolved and it's clear what they think.closing quote
Nicki, 15, Welshpool

opening quoteIt is about time Gibraltar got some coverage on the news, after all it is a British colony. There should be referendum on the issue in Gibraltar it is the people's choice.closing quote
Tim, 15, Cheshire

opening quoteIf most people want to stay British they should.closing quote
Clare, 12, Essex

opening quoteWell, I went to Gibraltar last half-term. It's amazing to see a piece of Britain in the sun. I spoke to some of the people there and they all agree they like it as it is. I think what remains of the British Empire should remain, especially since the people that live want to remain British as well.closing quote
Adam, Ashington

opening quoteIf the people of Gibraltar want to stay British, why not let them? If 83% of them actually physically go out and rally to stop us from sharing them with Spain, we should NOT! Have they been offered their independence? They may like this option. It all comes down to what the citizenship think, and therefore we should keep Gibraltar as it is. closing quote
Greg, Swansea

opening quoteI agree, it should be up to the people of Gibraltar.closing quote
Douglas, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteIt's a worry for a country to be forced into doing something they don't want to do. People have rights and we should respect them. These people have British passports, can we really take them away?closing quote
Nicky, 14, Newcastle

opening quoteI used to live in Gibraltar for three years and I think that it should stay British because it has been British for so long - the majority of Gibraltar want that.closing quote
Rachel, 10, Plymouth

opening quoteIt is up to the people of Gibraltar and they have shown great support on keeping British sovereignty. The people of Gibraltar have adapted to the British way of life so let it be that way for as long as they want to.closing quote
Alexander, 12, Aberdeen

opening quoteI think that Gibraltar should stay English because the children and adults will have to learn Spanish and it would be unfair for the people. Half of my family live in Gibraltar and they don't want to move so I think that the government should let the people vote and leave Spain out of it until the votes are counted.closing quote
Francesca, 12, Welwyn Garden City

opening quoteWhy should Spain own Gibraltar? It's part of our country. It's just like giving the Midlands to Spain!closing quote
Nina, 13, Peterborough

opening quoteI think the people of Gibraltar should get the final say.closing quote
Sam, 13, Bristol

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