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  How would you spend the nation's money?
Updated 18 April 2002, 17.11

Imagine for a second that you are Gordon Brown - the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

If you were, you'd get to say how the government spends your parents' taxes.

Would you close down the army and give all the money to the hospitals?

Or perhaps you'd make all the hospitals and schools private and spend all the money on space shuttles?

Let us know your ideas for balancing the budget:

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opening quoteI'd spend the money on having police wardens around the streets, there's too much crime, because it's frightening going home in the dark.closing quote
Rachel, 13, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

opening quoteI would split the money between schools and crime fighting because at the end of the day we are the ones who are in danger and we need our education.closing quote
Deborah, 13, Mildenhall

opening quoteI would raise the pay for doctors and nurses and give some more money to medical schools so more people would become doctors and nurses.closing quote
Aileen, 11, Stirling

opening quoteI would spend the nation's money by getting more theme parks and better rides (that are free) for kids to enjoy (we deserve it!!)closing quote
Nancy, 13, Ashford

opening quoteI would spend the money on getting better littermen, as some areas are filled with litter and it's appaling to look at.closing quote
Imo, 11, Portsmouth

opening quoteI'd build fewer hospitals, then the money could be more concentrated to make better hospitals. I'd also put money into schools and the current war. I'd raise tax on alcohol, nicotine products and diesel, with more money into public transport. Got that, Gordon Brown?closing quote
Charlotte, 12, St Albans

opening quoteI would spend the money on children and some on hospitals. I would also spend the money on helping animal charities and things. I'd also to help promote things about vegetarianism.closing quote
Sharon, 12, Kyle, Scotland

opening quoteNot being biased, I'd spend the most money on children. They are the next generation and will be better off in later life from it. As they become adults, they wouldn't need too much money spent on them because they've been given better opportunities etc. closing quote
Katya, 14, London

opening quoteI would budget the money and spend it on the school and crime because they need the money than the hospitals.closing quote
Leon, 13, Swansea

opening quoteI'd sell the Dome to Disney and use the money to pay for the hospitals. closing quote
Emily, 13, Portsmouth


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