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  Do working kids get a raw deal?
Updated 17 April 2002, 19.41

Loads of you have part-time jobs, but are you getting a raw deal at work?

A 14-year-old paperboy is battling against his employee to get the same treatment as adults.

Have you been treated unfairly at work? Do you think kids are ripped off by their employees? Should there be more laws to protect you at work?

Let us know your thoughts:

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opening quoteKids our age should be allowed to work in more serious jobs as well. Kids are mostly known for only doing paper rounds, so it would be brilliant if we got more experience in other jobs. We have to wait until we are 16 to get work experience but even then, we don't get paid. I think that kids should be allowed to do a wider variety of work and get a good pay for it.closing quote
Michelle, 13, London

opening quoteKids have every right to a minumum wage, even if it is lower than the adult one. Otherwise the child labour policy is pointless! Some places employ paperboys/girls for as little as 10p an hour! That's the same as third world wages!closing quote
Charlotte, 12, St Albans

opening quoteIn my town, the boys get paid but if your a girl then you have to have a grown up go round with you because you might not be able to defend yourself. The worst part is that the money is given to the grown up and they decide how much they give you. That boy should be thankful for what he has.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Aldershot

opening quoteI think it's unfair when people work really hard but don't get paid properly!closing quote
Kim, 12, Reading

opening quoteI have a really good time at work! The adults I work with are really friendly. They get paid more than me but they do different (and harder) work. I don't mind that the adults get holiday/sick pay and I don't!closing quote
Fran, 14, Stoke-on-Trent

opening quoteAdults are just taking the mickey out of us children! closing quote
Gemma, 12, Ballynahinch, N. Ireland

opening quoteThere should be a minimum wage for children too! closing quote
Pete, 14, Olney

opening quoteIf you're sick you should be paid. In the same way adults do. It's only reasonable.closing quote
Mike, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI think we should get holiday pay if adults do, it's so unfair!closing quote
Tom, 13, Glasgow

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