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  Should there be more girl's football?
Updated 15 April 2002, 10.24
Should there be more girl's football?
The new film Bend it Like Beckham has put girl's football on the front pages for once, but should there be more of it?

There's already a professional ladies team at Fulham, and there's also talk of setting up a women's professional league like the Premiership.

But is all this girl's football a good idea, or should they leave it to the boys?

Let us know what you think:

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteDefinitely! In America there is a law at our school which means there has to be a girls team, or, if there isn't, girls can't be kept of a team. If a girl is good enough, she has to be on the team. It should be like that in England too! closing quote
Cristina, 13, New York, USA

opening quoteThere should be more coverage of girl's football. The boys don't let us play football, just because we're girls. We're just not taken seriously. closing quote
Ashlee, 14, Rushden

opening quoteI luv footy but I live in Wales and everyone seems to think girls footy is a joke. I'd love to play for a local team but I don't have a chance. There should be more opportunities for girls to play. closing quote
Jenny, 14

opening quoteI absolutely love playing football and I want FIFA to make a girl's league and get more girls interested in football.

They never have really big primary school football competitions for girls. It was always the boys who got to take part. I only ever played in one competition at primary school.

Football rocks and I'm not going to be put off by boys who think it's only for them. closing quote

Aly, 13, Perth

opening quoteGirl's football rules!! I love the game; I play 4 Doncaster Belles (u12's) and were a gr8 team 2gether!! My favourite players are Vicky Exley (England) and Mia Hamm(USA). We r just as good as the boys, if not BETTER! So get ur spirits up girls an don't let the lads get yer down!!! closing quote
Vicky Williams, 12, Doncaster

opening quoteI think girls should be allowed to play any sport lads do, maybe even against lads. For one it would make games more competitive. closing quote
Danni, 14, Bucks
opening quoteThe film is supposed to make people think about all equal chances that girls have in football but it wont work. After this film has gone - nothing will have changed. closing quote
Simon, 14, Wrexham

opening quoteHeck Yeah! Girls here in America are very athletic and I don't see why we couldn't play football (soccer) as much as the guys do...what do they have that we don't? closing quote
Morgan, 16, Lexington, KY, USA

opening quoteI think girl's football should be made as popular as boy's football and that there should be professional teams on the TV and that they should be paid the same way. closing quote
Sophie, 13, Watford

opening quoteI have recently started playing football but there's no girl's teams in my area. I think we should get the same chances as boys. If they don't let us play it's only because they think we will take over. Boys have to learn that woman and girls are more than just people to clean up and run the home now. We have lives that are equal to boys and men!closing quote
Sarah, 13, Aldershot

opening quoteI think there should be more girl's football teams because they can play just as good as boys, as this new film Bend It Like Beckham shows. I like playing football but there are no girl's football teams in my area.I have to play with friends instead and not get proper training. closing quote
Emma, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI'm a devoted football player and Fulham fan and I don't that girls get enough of a chance to play! Why can't girls play football? Who says we aren't interested? Girls are great at football and very interested in playing it! Girls are just as good if not better at football than boys! Give us a chance! GO FULHAM! closing quote
Christine, 13, London

opening quoteGirls should be given more of a chance. Boys just think they know it all when there are actually girls better than them. closing quote
Rachel, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteIf boys can play netball, (which they do) then females can play football. closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteI'm in a girl's football team and enjoying it a lot. We have got a league like boys and we play matches every Sunday against other clubs. I play for Fleet Town girls. closing quote
Emma, 12, Fleet

opening quoteI find football hard because I am overweight and other people in my PE class laugh at me. However I think more girls should play football. closing quote
Lorna, 15, Runcorn

opening quoteAt my school girls aren't allowed to play football, which is really unfair because I would really like to try it. closing quote
Mandy, 14, Somerset

opening quoteFootball is an amazing sport! Girls should not be prevented from it! I like to play football enourmously! All we need is more girls to play!closing quote
Jeanne, 13, Manchester

opening quoteIf girls were given the chance to play football they could become as good as any boy. Football isn't a boys' sport anymore.closing quote
Leanne, 15, Aughnalcoy

opening quoteFootball is a blokes game only.closing quote
Nigel ,12, Portishead

opening quoteIt's unfair that some schools don't give girls the chance to try out football. I like having a kick around and I am lucky that my school takes a huge interest in footballclosing quote
Anna, 11, Haddenham

opening quoteYes, there should be more football available for girls, if there's going to be equal rights for everyone, there may as well be in the sporting world too.closing quote
Jenny, 16, Durham

opening quoteI think there should be more girls' teams because it isn't fair on girls.closing quote
Freya, 10, Bristol

opening quoteGirl's at my school are OK at football, but most just aren't interested.closing quote
Darren, 12, Staines

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