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  How did you mark the funeral?
Updated 12 April 2002, 10.20

Tuesday marks the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

What did you do for the occassion?

Did you take part in the two-minute silence at 11.30? Was it lessons as normal, a day off school or did you watch it on TV with your classmates?

Let us know how you took part:

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opening quoteTo be honest, I never really paid much attention to the Queen Mother. But I've just been reading everybody's comments and I find it so incredible how many of us, especially in England were affected so profoundly by her passing. I have now learnt that she was indeed a remarkable woman who shared a deep connection with her people and inspired many. I saw part of her funeral last night on the television and it was immensely beautiful.closing quote
Charlotte, 13, Melbourne, Australia

opening quoteOur school had a one minutes silence and that's all. No assembly or anything. I didn't actually go to school that day I so I watched the funeral at home.closing quote
Katie, 14, Walton-on-Thames

opening quoteOur school didn't do anything. The lessons went on as normal and when we asked our teacher if we could do a two-minute silence he said it is a waste of time!closing quote
Sadaf, 14, Rochdale

opening quoteI think the funeral was overdone and we should remember her to her full potential not the loss of her.closing quote
Natalie, 15, Cornwall

opening quoteIt was overwhelming. We had a special tribute assembly in the middle of one of our classes when all the school went to the Hall to pray for her. The effect it had on everyone was unbelievable. Some people were crying and even the noisiest of people had nothing to say, the grief was everywhere. For once in our lives, we didn't think of Harry Potter (amazing)...all we could think of was the loss of this wonderful lady. It was an unforgettable day.closing quote
Jamie-Anne and Chloe-Olivia, 13, Manchester

opening quoteMy school had a one minute silence at 11:00. I think that we should have had a day off school, or at least watched it on televison.closing quote
Radojka, 14, Leicester

opening quoteI felt that my school was very disrespectful towards the funeral of the Queen Mother. We were not allowed to watch or listen to the funeral and instead of a 2-minute silence at 11:30am, instead we had 31 seconds silence at 10:54am.closing quote
Lindsey, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteMy class were forced to watch the funeral. It was very boring and some of my class mates fell asleep during it! I would have much rather worked.closing quote
Billy, 10, London

opening quoteI watched the funeral today and was very upset, she was a kind, pleasant women loved by many people. I couldn't go to the procession but I watched it and i'm VERY proud of my friend KYLIE because she is in the Navy and she had to perform in the procession in front of millions of people, she was probably one of the youngest in the Navy. I feel angry as some people just go around like nothing's happened.closing quote
Cass, 14, Princes Risborough

opening quoteOur school was allowed the day off as it was also the funeral of one of our teachers. I felt I had to see both, and did, though most people just took it as more time off school. They have no respect at all for two wonderful women who helped and inspired me in so many different ways. They will be dearly missed. closing quote
Amanda, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI think that the Queen Mother was an amazing person. She is peoples' role model and many of us look up to her. Her funeral was very sad and I think that everyone should have the day off as a sign of respect. I certainly watched the funeral. It was upsetting but the Queen Mother is one person that will never been forgotten. closing quote
Kathryn, 13, Canterbury

opening quoteSome schools in Daventry have allowed kids to have the morning off for the Queen Mother's funeral but have to come back for their last lesson and registration. Many parents find this difficult as they have only had half a day's notice after our Easter holiday, which leaves them to find people on short notice to look after their kids while they go to work. Why didn't they let us have the whole day off to stop parents trying to find ways of transport? closing quote
Sarah, 13, Daventry

opening quoteToday I witnessed a very sad day which will stay with me forever, for as long as I live. It is sad that the Queen Mother has passed away but she will be remembered as a lovely person and our school had a one minute silence to mark this sad event closing quote
Ronald, 15, Ayr

opening quoteIt was really sad. Me and my mum went to watch it out side the Abbey. We didn't see the funeral inside but there were big speakers so we could hear what was happening. It was really sad when the coffin went past, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. closing quote
Shelley, 13, London

opening quoteI was really upset when the Queen Mum died. Me and my school paid two minutes silence. May she rest in peace. closing quote
Leah, 11, UK

opening quoteI was really angry when we could not see the funeral service. closing quote
Bakira, 11, Bradford

opening quoteScotland are still on holiday so I was one of the lucky ones and got to see the funeral on TV. It was quite nice to remember her by celebrating her life but also sad because such a nice woman has died all I say is GOODBYE TO A GREAT AND LOVING QUEEN closing quote
Melanie, 12, Dumfries

opening quoteI am really annoyed that our teacher, Mr Wood, would not let us watch the funeral and many of us wanted to pay our last respects. I am taping it at home but it would not be the same 'cos I wanted to watch it live!!!!! closing quote
Richard, 13, Dorset

opening quoteOur school would not give us a day off so we could watch the funeral. I would have wanted to see it so badly because I met her once and she was very kind. I just wanted to pay my last respects to our Majesty. I miss her very much. closing quote
Melissa, 13, Witham

opening quoteWe were devastated when we heard that the Queen Mother had died. At 11:30 our school, Princeville Primary, gave two minutes silence to pay our respects to the one and only Queen Mother! May she rest in peace. closing quote
Chelsea and Zahra, 12, UK

opening quoteI wish the Queen Mother didn't die 'cause everything and everyone has changed. It has also changed people's lives 'cause my mum is acting weird. closing quote
Lisa, 11

opening quoteI'm still on holiday so I could watch the funeral at home. It's really sad but she had a great and long life and she wouldn't want us all upset, would she? closing quote
Dale, 13, Thurso

opening quoteWe were really disappointed that we were unable to watch it at school all we had was a one minute silence and a photograph, we were upset because it was a moment in history. We wanted to be able to see the celebration of the life of a wonderful woman and people say that children our age weren't affected but we were.closing quote
Cherie and Grace, 15, Bracknell

opening quoteI wasn't allowed to stay home, but I got up at 5:00 this morning and I skipped the morning of school to watch it.closing quote
Jess, 16, Ottawa, Canada

opening quoteWe have watched the Queen Mothers funaral today, in assembly we had two minutes silence and me and my friend Daniel would like to say goodbye to a caring and loving Queen.closing quote
Shaun, 11, Harrogate

opening quoteAt school today we tried to watch the funeral but people were talking and laughing through it. It made me want to cry at how disrespectful people can be. She was a great woman.closing quote
Kate, England

opening quoteOur school watched the service. It was very sad. The whole country should have had the day off. The government should have given us a public day off so that everyone could have watched.closing quote
Robin, 10 Coleford

opening quoteI unfortunately will be unable to see the funeral live. At school today, my friends and people in general were more interested in missing lessons than paying respects to the Queen Mother. I will record the funeral, however I am annoyed at my school for not giving us the chance to view the funeral as it happens. This is a great time of sadness, and some people at my school and around the country have no respectclosing quote
James, England

opening quoteI was saddened by the death of the Queen Mother. Although I live in Liverpool, I was able to attend the procession on Friday due to a family holiday. However, I am embarrassed that my school has such a limited view of 'education' that we cannot view the funeral. Perhaps, the problem in today's society is that schools do not see the importance of this in relation to our culture and heritage.closing quote
Matthew, 17, UK


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