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  The Queen Mother
Updated 03 April 2002, 11.18
The Queen Mother
The Queen Mother has died peacefully in her sleep.

She was one of the country's favourite members of the Royal family and will be greatly missed.

You can e-mail us your tribute to the Queen Mother here.

opening quoteThe Queen Mother represented history for the last century. She was a people person and always took a keen interest in other people no matter who they were. She was a strong queen and supportive queen mother. closing quote
David, 13, Conwy

opening quoteShe was a kind woman even though I didn't know her and we will all miss her a lot. The world is not what it was when she was alive. closing quote
Abbie, 12, Cradley

opening quoteI think that the Queen Mother was marvellous to live to 101 but her death didn't come as a shock to me. It would have to happen sooner or later. I'm upset for the Royal Family.closing quote
Sophie, 10, Milton Keynes

opening quoteSorry, but the Queen Mother did not help the country for the last 20 odd years. She was an old woman and I can not see what all the fuss is about. When my great aunt died at 102 there wasn't thousands of sad letters pouring in.closing quote
Danny, 12, London

opening quoteThe Queen Mother was a beautiful, caring, lovely and wonderful woman. She will be sadly missed. She was loved by everyone. May she rest in peace and be happy.closing quote
Elinor, 15, Wales

opening quoteThe Queen Mother's death is a sad event indeed, but I'm glad she lived a long, full life and died peacefully. She will be greatly missed, I'm sure.closing quote
Cassidy, 14, New York City

opening quoteShe lived for a long time and was very frail so maybe it was getting too difficult for her. At least it wasn't a painful death.closing quote
Anna, 13, Cambridge

opening quoteI think the Queen Mother was a respectful lady who will be missed dearly across the world. My thoughts go to the Queen at this time.closing quote
Elizabeth, 12, Stoke-on-Trent

opening quoteShe will be missed but it's good she died in her sleep because she was suffering quite a lot and by dying in her sleep was feeling no painclosing quote
Lara, 12, London

opening quoteI think the Queen Mother was a loved and respected woman and everyone will miss her greatly Xclosing quote
Abigail, 13, Norwich

opening quoteQueen mother was one of the finest woman who lived a cool and noble life by attracting everyone. We miss her a lot.closing quote
Arashe, 14, Texas, USA

opening quoteThe Queen Mother was sound, she treated people with respect, she never acted superior to anyone. Rest in peace.closing quote
Nathan, 13, N.Ireland

opening quoteI belong to Chickenshed theatre company. I sang with others for her 100th birthday which was broadcast on television. Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was a very special lady and loved by many. She will be sadly missed by millions of people.closing quote
Charlotte, 12, London

opening quoteThe Queen mother was the mother of England and she is still alive in our hearts whatever colour u r race or EVEN religion she still loved us all! R.I.P Queen Mother WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!closing quote
Lauren, 12, Middlesex

opening quoteShe will be sorely missed by everybody, from different religions, different races and different countries. God bless Elizabeth the wonder woman!closing quote
Rosie, 14, Swansea

opening quoteThe Queen Mother was an inspiration to us all God bless her may she rest in peace.closing quote
Paula, 13, Wolverhampton

opening quoteEven though I am not from Britain, I grieve for the Queen's death. She will be sadly missed I am sure by me and my family and the whole world.closing quote
Annie, 14, Irvine

opening quoteA rose is a beautiful flower and the Queen Mother is a sweet bloom.closing quote
Sarah, 9, Canada

opening quoteThank you for what you have done for this country. You will be sorely missed. The Queen Mother was like a grandmother to me.closing quote
Ashleigh, 10, Charleville

opening quoteWhen I first heard that the Queen Mother had died I was really shocked because I met her last year and she was really kind and gentle woman. I miss her.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Preston

opening quoteShe was an awesome woman. I'm glad she lived a good, long life. I'm also glad she died peacefully. God bless her.closing quote
Victoria, 13, USA

opening quoteAlthough I am American, I feel sorrow about her death. I give my sympathy and great despair. God Bless her and that she sees her great country today. I hope it was peaceful. God Bless England and the Queen's mother.closing quote
Angela, 14, USA

opening quoteThe Queen Mother was a very friendly and lovable woman who will be missed by all. She lived a long, happy life and we should be celebrating her successful reign as a wonderful role model.closing quote
Christine, 14, London

opening quoteShe will be missed with all of our hearts. She was with us for so long. I am glad she didn't pass on horribly, but peacefully.closing quote
Sarah, 13, USA

opening quoteI'm shocked to hear, but I know she will still be loved and missed in a million years time. May she R.I.P. We all miss her.closing quote
Rachel, 11, Orpington

opening quoteThe Queen Mother will be missed world wide. she might be gone but there's a piece of her inside everybody. I am so sad she was probably the greatest queen mother ever :-(closing quote
Christopher, 12, Nottingham

opening quoteEven though her death was a terrible shock to everyone, she made a great impact on the world. She lived a great life and it was peacefully ended. God Bless her.closing quote
Joni, 12, Watford

opening quoteI liked the Queen Mother as when she was seen on TV she was always smiling and looked happy, I shall miss her but dieing is just part of human lifeclosing quote
Lucy, 8, West Kirby

opening quoteI am very upset that she died, but at least she wasn't in any pain! I mostly feel sad for the Royal family, especially the Queen, first her sister Margaret died, now the Queen's mum!closing quote
Lucy, 8, West Kirby

opening quoteThe Queen Mother was a lovable lady and she will never be forgotten.closing quote
Lizzie, 13, Kent

opening quoteI am very sad about what happened but she is in peace now.closing quote
Holly, 10, Powys

opening quoteIt's so sad, but she had a long life at least, and she did so much, but I hope the celebrations for her Golden Jubilee still go on, so that we can remember her by them.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Wales

opening quoteI'm very sad by the news but at least she lived a happy life. Even though the Queen Mum is dead she is still with us in sprit, memory and in our hearts and minds of the nation and in the whole wide world. God bless the Queen Mother and The Queen.closing quote
Karly, 12, Essex

opening quoteAll I can say is rest in peace! God bless her! My thoughts go out to all of the royals especially the princes who had a terrible end to their holiday!closing quote
Laura, 16, London

opening quoteThe Queen Mother was a wonderful person and will be missed terribly. I'm glad she died peacefully. She lived for a hundred years but will be remembered for a million years.closing quote
Hafiza, 13, Luton

opening quoteIt's really sad to hear that such a great women has died, but I know we will never forget this magnificent woman.closing quote
Libby, 13, Milton Keynes

opening quoteShe was such a cool lady who had such an amazing life! She always wanted to do good and she will be missed by everyone everywhere!closing quote
Abi, 11, Edinburgh.

opening quoteThe Queen Mother was a lovely lady but I think people should leave her to rest in peace and not carry on about it like they did with Diana.closing quote
Charlie, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteNobody should be sad, we should celebrate her long life.closing quote
Beth, 12, Wales

opening quoteGod bless her. At least we know she didn't suffer and she died peacefully. She will always remain alive in my heart. Me and my mum are going down to the palace to lay flowers tonight.closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI am very sad. She was lovely and deserved to live a lovely long life.closing quote
Victoria, 9, Brussels

opening quoteGod Bless the Queen's mother and let her rest in peace. She will be missed sorrowfully by everyone.closing quote
Laura, 11, Bishops Stortford

opening quoteShe was a lovely, lovely lady and one of the best Royals. She'll be missed a lot by adults and children alike! God bless the Queen Motherclosing quote
Nisha, 14, Leicester

opening quoteAlthough at the end she was very frail, she was a great character and lived a fab life. I'm sure the Queen and her family are very sad and we're thinking of them at this difficult time.closing quote
Charlotte, 12, St Albans

opening quoteI give my heart out to the Royal Family, and I am very sad about it. she was a very special person.closing quote
Lotz, 11, Redruth

opening quoteShe will be sadly missed, not just by grown-ups and royals but by kids, by me, too.closing quote
Hannah, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI am so sad about this - she was my favourite Royal.closing quote
Sue, 12, Yeovil

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