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  Paul leaving S Club - your views
Updated 29 March 2002, 15.43

Paul has stunned the world of pop by quitting S Club.

How did you feel when you heard the news? Were you shocked, surprised or happy?

  Click here to vote on whether you'll stick by S Club!

Will you stick by the band, who have vowed to carry on? And should they get a new member - or call it a day?

And can Paul make it on his own?

We are no longer taking e-mails on this topic. Please scroll down to read what you had to say...

opening quoteS Club 7... WERE my fav band, not any more. Because what they'll do is they'll release a new single like "Goodbye" (from Spice Girls) and it'll get nowhere and then they'll start doing solo but they'll "we haven't broken up" just like Spice Girls and Boyzone. Just wait and see... closing quote
Julia, 10, Guildford

opening quoteI was so upset to see that Paul had left. He was always my favourite and he's the best looking lad. I will keep buying S Club and Paul's music. closing quote
Hayley, 13, Crewe

opening quoteI really love S Club 7(S Club, sorry!!!). It won't be the same without Paul. closing quote
Alice, 9, Welwyn Garden City

opening quoteI'm happy for Paul because that is what he wants to do, it would not be nice for him, or for any of the band if he just stayed in the band to keep the fans happy. closing quote
Anne, 12, Sittingbourne

opening quoteI didn't really mind. I don't like S Club 7 any way!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Alice, 11, South Wales

opening quoteI love S Club 7 and Paul. When I heard he was leaving I cried the whole day, but I will keep supporting S Club till they all splitclosing quote
Natalie, 15, Holland

opening quoteI wish he wouldn't leave, but I'll support S Club until the end. Pleze don't split up, S Club. They are my fave bandclosing quote
Kat, 12, Harpenden

opening quoteSince I knew about Paul leaving I've been sitting down very quietlyclosing quote
Emily, 8, Broadstairs

opening quoteI think that Paul will not do very well by himself. He was never very popular and, like Hear'Say, everyone will get bored of him and just buy S Club singles. closing quote
Amelia, 11, Shipley

opening quoteWe are both very disappointed that Paul has left S Club. They've been together so long and been doing so well - S Club will never be the same without him. closing quote
India and Natalie, 10 and 11, Finchley

opening quoteWith Paul quitting S Club, things might not be the same again. closing quote
Vicky, 12, Ilford

opening quoteHappy because all the girls and Bradley sing. Paul just dances. closing quote
Mark, 11, Stevenage

opening quoteI was shocked and still am now about Paul leaving, but I totally support him all the way. I saw a picture of the remaining 6 S Clubbers and it looks so strange without Paul.closing quote
Siobhan, 13, Merseyside

opening quotePaul can never make it by himself. He can hardly sing let alone dance. And he also is too fat and ugly. But I wish S clubbers all the luck. closing quote
Sammi, 16, London

opening quoteI think it is upsetting that he's leaving, and he will be missed dearly, but we can't stop him. I wish him good luck for the future and I hope the band will stay as strong as they are now. closing quote
Inez, 12, Middlesex

opening quoteOh dear, I saw this coming. Paul has looked unhappy for quite a long time no. S Club were my fave band but S club just doesn't sound as good without the 7. closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Bishops Stortford

opening quoteI think Paul is selfish! I am, I mean was, a great fan of S Club until now. The band might as well break up now because S Club 7 just wont be the same! closing quote
Bethany, 11, Kendal

opening quoteI think Paul's got what he wanted out of S Club (contacts and money) and now he's gonna use that to make himself bigger than the rest of the group! closing quote
Stuart, 14, Mansfield

opening quoteI loved S Club 7 from the beginning and I will love S Club til the end, with or without Paul. (But I still think he's doing the wrong thing) closing quote
Ellen, 13, Holland

opening quoteI love S Club. Just because Paul left I won't hate them. I think that the other six will make it and I wish Paul all the luck in the world. closing quote
Emily, 12, Norwich

opening quoteI loved S Club 7 and I'm still really upset that he has left. I don't think I can be an S Club fan - it's not the same, but I love them and hope they all have the best in the future. I just feel really sorry for the others now 'cause they r now gonna have a lot of fans gone.closing quote
Cody, 9, Fremington

opening quoteI cried and cried, and am still crying...The only thing I can say is: Paul... please come back! I know this won't happen, but they're still S Club 7 inside my heart. I'll miss Paul 4ever but always love him.closing quote
Joyce, 14, Holland

opening quotePaul is just another member of a band that has become too big-headed. Many people would give anything to be famous and in a band. I think he should look at what he's got, and stop being selfish. closing quote
Claire, 15, Leeds

opening quoteThe band will still survive without Paul, he didn't contribute much to their songs anyway.closing quote
Jennie, 14, Birmingham

opening quotePaul, you're doing the wrong thing, please don't leave!closing quote
Ruth ,11

opening quoteI loved S Club 7 and now I'll love S Club.closing quote
Lauren, 9, St Ives

opening quoteS Club 7 is my fav band. If they let me down by splitting up, I shall never be able to support another band ever again.closing quote
Victor, 11, London

opening quoteWho's this Paul guy anyway? One of the wallies prancing around behind Rachel and Jo, no doubt? S Club 6? Sounds fine to me.closing quote
Niall, 15, Utrecht, Holland

opening quoteI really like S Club 7 and I don't care about Paul leaving. I don't think that Paul will be good on his own. He was never the best member for me anyway.closing quote
Lindsay, 11, Lisburn

opening quoteI was gutted to hear that Paul was leaving. However I think that S Club are strong enough to carry on without him and I will still buy their music. True fans love the whole band not just one member so I think they will be OK.closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Stoke-on-Trent

opening quoteI think that he should not have left because he will probably do what every other person who splits from a band does, he will do a mix between pop and r'n'b and most of them never work, but good luck to him all the same!closing quote
Steph, 11, Borehamwood

opening quoteI think that S Club sounded good with Paul and without him the band will be like a jigsaw with a piece missing.closing quote
Yasmine, 12, Darlington

opening quoteI am devastated. Why can't he take into account the feelings of millions of fans? I will no longer be buying their music.closing quote
Christopher, 12, Dunstable

opening quoteI was really upset when I heard that Paul left, although Jon's my favourite. I cried for more than three hours. I will miss him but I will keep supporting S Club until they really split up.closing quote
Natalie, 15, London

opening quoteI'm so upset, S Club are my favourite band. Why don't they ask Gareth Gates to join instead because he's my next favourite?closing quote
Heather, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteThis is the beginning of the end for S Club 7. I think they'll end up like Hear'Say.closing quote
Nina, 13, Peterborough

opening quotePaul was my favourite, hopefully the remaining 6 will be stronger after he leaves. Pleeeeeease don't split up.closing quote
Greg, 12, London

opening quoteI'm sad because Paul was really good. I think they'll have to change their name to S Club 6 now. Or maybe Darius from Pop Idol could replace him.closing quote
Dee, 8, Hendon

opening quoteI am so upset that Paul has left, but if that is what he wants to do, then so be it. I am always going to support him and S Club. I love them all so much.closing quote
Laura, 14, Teesside

opening quoteI am really, really upset by Paul leaving, he was my second favourite after Bradley. I've seen them three times and I love them sooooo much. Don't go Paul!!!!closing quote
Chris, 9, Harlow

opening quoteWhat is the big deal? All of the band are riding the wave of Rachel's good looks. Would anyone miss the fat ugly one?closing quote
Ryan, 11, Manchester

opening quotePaul was my favourite. It's very hard to imagine S Club without him. It just won't be the same!closing quote
Mark, 11, Dundee

opening quoteI'm not surprised that Paul is leaving. Nobody wants to do pop anymore. All bands like that will split up in a year or so. But it's sad though because there are too many solo singers now, it is boring!closing quote
Sappho, 10, Weybridge

opening quoteWow, to tell you the truth I'm really surprised! Are Hannah and Paul still going out? If they are, they won't hardly ever see each other!closing quote
Lydia, 11, Northants

opening quotePaul was my fave and I don't think S Club will be the same without him. I will definitely be more of a fan of Paul as a solo artist than of S Club 6!closing quote
Maria, 14, London

opening quoteI'm America's biggest S Club fan! I watch their TV show all the time! They're my biggest obsession next to Harry Potter!closing quote
Kaleigh, 13, Wethersfield, USA

opening quoteI really want them to carry on - S Club are my favourite band.closing quote
Sohail, 10, Halifax

opening quoteI was quite upset when I found out that Paul had quit S Club, so I'll be really upset if they split altogether!closing quote
Jessica, 10, Sheffield

opening quoteI don't want Paul to leave! S Club are my favourite band in the world!! I'll be loyal 2 them 'till they all break up and disappear from the face of the earth.closing quote
Joy, 13, London

opening quoteI am really upset because Paul was my favourite boy in S Club. Good luck on your solo career Paul.closing quote
Katie, 9, Inverness

opening quoteI don't want Paul to leave!! If Paul leaves, what if Hannah does too? Then what would happen to my most favourite band in the world??!!closing quote
Trisha, 12

opening quoteI think it's his life but he will upset a lot of fans and I think he should stay in the band.closing quote
Kate, 14, Newcastle

opening quoteI am a massive fan of S club and I will be sad to see Paul to go. But I love them just as they are as 6.closing quote
Lynsey, 13, Abbey Village

opening quoteI wish him all the luck, of course I'm sad but it's no one else's choice to make.closing quote
Shireen, 13, Crossmaglen

opening quoteI think Hannah will leave next and join Paul.closing quote
Farihah, 11, Portsmouth

opening quoteThis just proves that pop music is near it's end. It's sad but true.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteI'm so happy for him - he needed to get out.closing quote
Aminah, 14, Portsmouth

opening quoteI have been crying for hours but I still love them.closing quote
Fiona, 13, Billingham

opening quoteI really hope not - S Club are my favouritesclosing quote
Lara, 13, Glasgow

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