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  Does Britney care about her fans?
Updated 28 March 2002, 19.50
Does Britney care about her fans?
Britney Spears was an hour late for her movie premiere in London, and then when she did turn up, she didn't stop to talk to anybody.

Some fans had travelled for miles and miles and had been waiting for hours, but Britney didn't even stop to say hello.

Do you think she still cares about her fans, or aren't they important to her anymore?

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opening quoteIf you weren't booing maybe she would have stayed outside longer to say hi and sign autographs, but as you were booing her, she might of thought you didn't want her to stay outside. closing quote
Laura, 13, Poole

opening quoteI think she was really rude. Maybe she'll take notice when there are no fans at her next film premier. closing quote
Holly, Bimringham

opening quoteFans pay loads of money for Britney stuff and she couldn't even say hi or sign a few autographs, I know she's busy but saying a few words dosent take long. closing quote
Abbie, 13, Suffolk

opening quoteBritney does care about her fans as she mentions them in most of her interviews. I think that people expect too much from her as she has a busy schedule. Her fans should respect her as she tries her best to please everyone. closing quote
Sophie, 14, Cambridge

opening quoteBritney did a very disrespectful thing to the fans that left them hurt and in tears. I thought she could have at least the decency to sign some autographs.closing quote
Michelle, 15, Salisbury

opening quoteI think what Britney did was shocking. If it wasn't for her fans, she'd probably still be at home wondering what to do with her life. She owes her fans absolute respect and should spend her every spare second thanking them. What where the 'security reasons'? Does she think her fans are dangerous?! I think the fame's got to her head!closing quote
Nat, 14, Belgium

opening quoteI'm one of the many Americans who thinks what Britney did to her fans was extremely disrespectful. She's stuck-up and rude.closing quote
Kayleigh, 13, Wethersfield USA

opening quoteIf Britney really cared about her fans she would of made sure that she was not late, and had time for her fans. shows how much she's "nice" (like they say. What type of pop princess is she. :-( closing quote
Zara, 14, London

opening quoteShe got what she deserved, a huge boo and the loss of perfectly good fansclosing quote
Emzi, 11, Studley

opening quoteIf Britney had any respect for her fans she would have made sure she arrived on time. I think all this attention has gone to her head, she thinks she is too big a star to give autographs.closing quote
Shelley, 13, London

opening quoteBritney was an hour late and had to get in quickly. If her fans cared about HER they would see that. Perhaps she would have made a longer appearance later on if people hadn't been booing her. There are two sides to every argument. closing quote
Isobel, 13, Leicester

opening quoteI was going to see Crossroads but I'll be changing my mind now... Hopefully the film won't be a big success, it doesn't deserve to be now.closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northamptonshire

opening quoteBritney has a busy schedule and you can't blame her if she was behind it. At least she came to the premiere and you got a glimpse of her.closing quote
Laura, 12, Weymouth

opening quoteI think Britney would have said hi if she wasn't an hour late! I do feel sorry for all the fans who waited for her but Britney probably does feel really bad about it! I'm sure her fans are very important to her. To the people who waited, I would say try to think of a more positive side to the evening!closing quote
Nicole, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteJust because Britney was an hour late doesn't mean she doesn't get to stop and talk to her fans! closing quote
Katherine, 11, Essex

opening quoteI was at the premiere last night. My friends and I waited for Britney for 3 hours, but when she came she was there for just five minutes! It was worth it though because we saw other celebs such as Blue who were sooo nice. They came up to us and signed autographs and gave kisses as well. closing quote
Laverne, 15, London

opening quoteBritney's attitude towards her fans was a disgrace! Her fans are the people who got her where she is today. Without them, she'd be a nobody. In return for them buying her singles, albums and attending concerts, she should show some gratitude. A wave and a hello would have been fine. Britney should be setting an example to people, not acting like she doesn't care! closing quote
Katharine, 13, Stansted

opening quoteI think Britney didn't stop to talk to anyone because she was an hour late. But I feel sorry for the fans who came from miles away.closing quote
Nina, 13, Peterborough

opening quoteBritney's mean. She doesn't care about her fans.closing quote
Laura, 11, Salisbury

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