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  Can you bear to wait for Potter 5?
Updated 07 May 2002, 10.26
Can you wait for the next instalment?
You've read Philosopher's Stone a million times and you could recite the Goblet of Fire backwards, but it looks like you'll have to wait till the autumn to get your mitts on Potter five.

So can you bear to wait that long for your next Potter instalment?

Had you hoped it would be out over the summer? Or do you think it's exciting waiting for the book?

Tell us what you think now!

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opening quoteI'm bored of reading the first four books and I want something new to read.closing quote
Ben, 11, Crawley

opening quoteI was REALLY hoping that Harry Potter would come out this summer. I guess it's kinda worth the wait but I still say it's taking WAY too long.closing quote
Lauren, 13, Kansas, America

opening quoteCan I wait for it? No, not really. I don't think anyone can, but, if J.K.Rowling needs time to write it, then I suppose the wait will be worth it. There's no point in reading it if it's not going to be her best work. I doubt it's a marketing plan because at the moment everyone is a Potter maniac and it's starting to wear off already.closing quote
Rishita, 15, Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates

opening quoteI don't think I can wait much longer. I've read all four books about a million times. Is the wait just a marketing plan for us to buy more Harry Potter stuff while we're waiting?closing quote
Maggie, 13, Chicago America

opening quoteI agree that JK Rowling should publish the next book soon. I've almost lost interest in Harry Potterclosing quote
Katy, 9, Keswick

opening quoteJK Rowling shouldn't rush herself, but make the book the best she can.closing quote
Angela, 14, Michigan, America

opening quoteI was hoping to be able to get the book for my birthday, but now I'll have to wait! :(closing quote
Jessi, 13, Pittsburgh, America

opening quoteI have already read the other books too many times! However, I will be moving to Scotand in the fall (autumn), where I believe Harry Potter is even bigger than here in the States. This may make it more fun!closing quote
Madelaine, 13, St Louis, America

opening quoteThis wait is PURE TORTURE!!! I was really hoping the next book would be out in the summer. At least we can all watch the video from May onwards. I know it's unfair to JK Rowling but it has almost TWO years!closing quote
Natalie, 14, Leicestershire

opening quoteI'm mad on Harry Potter, but it will be good to have a little rest as I've read all the books five times.closing quote
Freya, 10, Bristol

opening quoteEach book is one year in Harry's life. A book has been published every year until now, where there has been a gap of two years and it's not right! I think that if J.K doesn't publish soon she'll lose her audience to other authers. If it's a marketing plan to get more sales it might backfire. I don't want to be reading book 7 when I'm 20!closing quote
Aaron, 15, Bangor

opening quoteI think it is unfair, after all she didn't release last year because of the film!closing quote
Sophie, 12, Worthing

opening quoteI don't think that it's fair to keep moaning about the book being delayed. I am sure J K Rowling is trying her best to write book 5 as soon as possible and she must be fed up with us complaining all the time! I can't wait for the next book either but give Jo a break!closing quote
Lucy, Cwmbran

opening quoteI can wait because I am reading The Lord of the Rings.closing quote
Thomas, 10, Rugby

opening quoteI could what my whole life. I hate Harry Potter with a passion.closing quote
Debs, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI guess now that they have delayed it even more than summer vacation, the anticipation will be greater and I will enjoy it more when I finally get to read it.closing quote
Morgan, 16, USA

opening quoteI've waited month for this and now I have to wait even longer!!.closing quote
Kai, 11, Australia

opening quoteI am disgusted because I am fed up of reading the same books. I have read them uncountable times and was looking foward to reading the next book. Please read out that I love Daniel Radcliffe so much, thank you.closing quote
Catherine, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteI like Harry Potter books but I'm not mad on them. Besides I'm reading Lord of the Rings and it's miles better, so I can wait.closing quote
Laura, 11, Irlam

opening quoteI don't mind waiting. Even if the fifth book never comes out, the Harry Potter series are still the best.closing quote
Elsa, Hong Kong

opening quoteI haven't read any of the books yet. I prefer to read Jaqueline Wilson. Harry Potter isn't really my kind of thing.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Isle of Lewis

opening quoteWell I'm very upset :'( I was hoping it would be out soon so I could read it over those long boring summer hols but well I am not toooooooooooooo bothered as long as its out this year! I'm sure it will be worth the wait!!! closing quote
Sarah, 16, Chelmsford

opening quoteYeah, it's torture to wait but we should quit bothering J.K.R. She has said that she isn't sure when it is coming out, that it's not even finished yet. Shouldn't that be good enough for now?closing quote
Ashley, 14, Michagan

opening quoteEVERY theory has been discussd, EVERY rumour has been heard, EVERY hint has been made. We want to see the real thing. We can't wait any longer! closing quote
Emma, 13, Chichester

opening quoteI can wait, there is no point in rushing the work I wud prefer to wait if it means that the ending isn't going to be ruined coz it was rushed.closing quote
Pete, 14, Olney

opening quoteHELP!!!!!! I can't wait that long! I love all the HP books but I've read all of them 94 times! What am I meant to do now?!closing quote
Alexandra, 13, Leeds

opening quoteNo I can't! Can anyone? At least the film is coming out on video. closing quote
Nicholas, 11, Welwyn Garden City


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