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  Would you like to travel in space?
Updated 18 March 2002, 15.32
Would you like to jet into space?
Scientists in Russia have just unveiled the first ever space ship for tourists.

Anybody wanting to reach for the stars will have to cough up a cosmic $100,000 for just three minutes in space.

But is it worth it? Are you dying to go to space, float around and see the stars?

Or is it a big waste of money, after all there's nothing up there unless you've got a spare couple of years to travel.

Let us know your thoughts:

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think going to space is stupid- we've got the whole of the world to explore, which still has places we haven't yet seen.closing quote
Nicola, 11, Guernsey

opening quoteYou shouldn't go to space unless it is for a good reason.closing quote
Emzi, 11, Studley

opening quoteI'd love to travel in space, why wouldn't you? closing quote
Charz, 13, Melbourne, Australia

opening quoteI don't think that space is worth $100.000 dolars for three minutes. I'd much rather spend 2 weeks laping up the sun on a sun drenched beach for around 700closing quote
Oliver, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI would never want to go to space for my holiday. It costs thousands of pounds and all you do is float in space for a few days! It does not sound like my ideal holiday!closing quote
Melissa, 14, Eastcote

opening quoteI would like to go up to space because I could see all of the other planets and going up in a rocket would be fun.closing quote
Emily, 11, Watford

opening quoteI think it is very silly I mean why would you want to spend so much money on going to space for just one hour? If it was five or six then it would be worth the money!closing quote
Siobhan, 13, Letterkenny

opening quoteI don't think that much money should be wasted on three minutes. There are people out there without even $1, let alone $10000. I think we should consider people on earth before we start considering things in space.closing quote
Lucy, 13, Harpenden

opening quoteI would love to go into Space, it would be such a great experience. But I wouldn't travel to space, until space travel was better developed.closing quote
Amy, 14, Shrewsbury

opening quoteSpace costs too much. If people have that sort of money spare, they should give it to charity, then they'd still be doing something cool.closing quote
Alison, 10, Beverly

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