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  Games consoles or books?
Updated 15 March 2002, 15.31

Microsoft released the Xbox in Europe on World Book Day.

So which are better - books or computer games?

Do you hate reading? Or can books fire your imagination more than games?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteVideo games are the best. You can get really good at them and require skill.closing quote
Shane, 11, Hong Kong

opening quoteVideo games are rubbish compared to books. They are filled with mindless violence. Books are not the same every time you read them, every time you re-read a book you discover something new and exciting.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI like some games but book sare definitely better than games. I get angry if i can't do a level in a game but with books I enjoy it more because I don't get frustated! closing quote
Rhianydd, 11, Bridgend

opening quoteBooks can take you places you've never been, nor never will go (in some instances). An experience with a book stays with you for life, and they are far cheaper than video games.closing quote
Steph, 16, Burnley

opening quoteGames are just like interactive books and are way more interesting. You can decide what you want in them, rather than have what happens dictated to you.closing quote
Rob, 15, Essex

opening quoteHave video games ever helped you in life? Have you learned anything from games? The answer is NO, whereas books can answer YES to all of these questions.closing quote
Ali, 11, London

opening quoteI do enjoy playing computer games but I feel that reading improves your imagination, reading skills and vocabulary. People who read more are more intelligent than those who don't.closing quote
Iain, 13, Hamilton

opening quoteDon't get me wrong, books are great, but video games are amazing! When you finally complete a huge game you feel great satisfaction. It's not like that with books.closing quote
Michael, 12, Derby

opening quoteBooks are so much better. They fire your imagination, keep you occupied, and are just so much fun! Computer games are just about shooting people, and don't do anything for you. closing quote
Charlotte, 13 London

opening quoteJacqueline Wilson writes the best books ever! Computer games are just pathetic.closing quote
Uzma, 12 Burnley

opening quoteComputer games don't take any imagination and rot the brain. With books you get far more entertainment and they're actually good for you.closing quote
Rhiannon, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteI like some computer games but Harry Potter beats any computer game I've played!closing quote
Paula, 12 Greenock

opening quoteI think books are more imaginative and computer games are all the same. When you are playing a game all you think about is winning but when you are reading a book you want to find out what happens in the end.closing quote
Sadaf, 14, Rochdale

opening quoteBooks are boring, once you've read them that's it. At least a video game is different every time you play.closing quote
Brian, 13, Liverpool

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