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  Is it ok to smoke?
Updated 15 March 2002, 10.28

Smoking cigarettes is still very popular among teenagers.

Do people really endanger their lives just to look 'cool'? Perhaps cigarettes are something that makes you more adult? Or maybe those who smoke are the immature ones?

In our

one in eight of you said you were addicted to smoking.

Let us know your thoughts.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI'm a smoker, but thanks to Newsround your coverage, I haven't smoked in two days, my mum says that if I make it to the end of the month then she'll raise my pocket money. Thanks Newsround!closing quote
Laura, 15, Carnoustie

opening quoteYou should be allowed to choose whether you smoke or not, adults shouldn't criticise kids for smoking when they smoke themselves.closing quote
Heather, 13, Macclesfield

opening quoteIt's OK to smoke just as long as you can control it and not smoke around other people.closing quote
Heather, 13, Macclesfield

opening quoteYou want to ruin your life? Then by all means, smoke.closing quote
Charz, 13, Melbourne, Australia

opening quoteSmoking is a disgrace to the human race. If are you smoking, you are kiling yourself!closing quote
Hamed, 12, Bradford

opening quoteI started smoking when I was 12, I've gave up two months ago, it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. The best way to quit is not to start.closing quote
Jonathan, 16, Turriff

opening quoteMy friend smokes because she grew up with it being normal. Educate the parents!closing quote
Francis, 15, Newton Abbot

opening quoteIf you smoke your clothes smell, your breath smells, your teeth and fingernails go yellow and you put other people around you at risk. I don't think that makes you very attractive, do you?closing quote
Piper, 12, Wetherby

opening quoteI am a smoker myself and I don't want to quit. Some of you may say it's selfish but it isn't. It is up to us to smoke. It's our lives and we can chose!closing quote
Lauren, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteSmoking is a really bad thing. Everyone thinks it's cool to smoke but it isn't. At the moment my mate needs help how to stop smoking.closing quote
Sarah, 16, Isleworth

opening quotePeople who smoke are not only risking their own lives, they are disturbing other people around them. I'm never going to smoke.closing quote
Simon, 11, Bexhill

opening quoteI think smoking is disgusting. People smoke in the toilets at school and the smoke gives me a cough. I don't see how frying your lungs can make you cool.closing quote
Harriet, 13, London

opening quoteCigarettes should be declared an illegal drug and its production should be banned. That is the only way to stop people from smoking. After all does not smoking cause more deaths than drug use? closing quote
Matt, 15, Ann Abour, USA

opening quoteI think smoking makes me look really cool and grown up. Since I started smoking I've found it easier to snog girls because I look more mature.closing quote
Jon ,14, Tokyo

opening quoteTeenargers are allowed to smoke in UK? Here in Aermica, you aren't allowed to buy cigarettes until you're 18. It's a disgusting habit! It makes your lungs black and makes all the healthy cells die.closing quote
Jenny, 14, California

opening quoteSmoking is disgusting! Whenever I walk past someone who smokes, I try to cough as loudly as I can.closing quote
Sara, 14 High Wycombe

opening quoteI know what smoking does to your body, but if somebody decides to smoke it is their choice and no-one can stop them.closing quote
Erin ,13, Cambridge

opening quoteSmoking is really insane. Why are drugs like cannabis and ecstacy illegal? Because they kill you! Doesn't smoking kill you? Why isn't it illegal? Smoking just gives you enough time to grow up, study at university, have a family and then when you die of cancer, you're ruining more lives than just your own.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Inverness

opening quoteI am doing a school project on smoking and from what research I have found I am never smoking. There is too much risk.closing quote
Katie, 12, Preston

opening quoteI smoke now. "Passive" smoking, but not for the image, I get depressed and it calms me down.closing quote
Edd, 15, Fareham

opening quotePeople who smoke are selfish and inconsiderate. Just because they want to shorten their lives doesn't mean that people who don't smoke want to as well. I feel that smoking in public places should be illegal. I also think that the prices should go up and if people smoke in public places they should be fined.closing quote
Alison, 15, Warrington

opening quoteI used to smoke until I found out that both of my Grandads died of cancer. My mum said that she didn't want to watch me die. so if I can stop smoking you can.closing quote
Jennifer, 11, Guilford

opening quoteI think smoking is great! I smoke a lot and it is wicked!closing quote
Michelle, 9, London

opening quoteMy best-friend smokes and she is really trying to quit. She wants to get a nicotine patch or the nicotine gum but they won't let her buy it because of her age. I think this is not fair as a lot of under age teens smoke. How are they going to quit?closing quote
Frances, 15, Norwich

opening quoteIt should be illegal to smoke in public places, then more people will cut down. The prices should go up as well and if people still want to waste money on killing themselves, let them.closing quote
James, 13, Goffs Oak

opening quotePeople who smoke are not immature. It's their decision, people should respect that. I am a smoker myself and I have been since I was 11. It gives me a more mature feeling.closing quote
Andrea, 15, Runcorn

opening quotePeople who smoke are stupid and don't deserve help to quit. After all we don't have a National Don't Punch Yourself Day.closing quote
Scott, 11, Peterborough

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