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  Are celebrity relationships doomed?
Updated 14 March 2002, 10.03

First Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman, then Blue's Lee & Liz Kitten and now it seems Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake have broken up.

Perhaps the media get in the way, or maybe there's not enough room for two famous egos in one relationship?

Or maybe we only hear about those that break up, after all Posh & Becks are still going strong as are Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston.

Can famous relationships ever work?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteThe media gets in the way, I think. It stresses the celebs out and it's just too much. closing quote
Julie, 13, Manchester

opening quoteLook at Posh and Becks. They've been married for a few years and now they're going to have a 2nd child. If the celebs REALLY want it to work they can make it. closing quote
Kriti, 11, Essex

opening quoteCelebrity couples are not right. They should give non famous people a chance to see what fame is like. closing quote
Lydia, 11, Northants

opening quoteNot all celeb couples are doomed. Brad and Jennifer are still together (bother!) closing quote
Heather, 13, Cheshire

opening quoteCeleb couples can work as long as they arn't doing it for the attention. closing quote
Sarah, 13, Isle of Lewis

opening quoteI think that celebs should have a bit of privacy in their relationships. Everyone keeps butting in which is why they break up. closing quote
Claire, 11, Manchester

opening quoteMe and Elijah Wood would work!!! closing quote
Carlene, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteCelebrity couples CAN work as long as they aren't doing it for attention. closing quote
Carrie, 12, Cumbernauld

opening quoteIt's really unfair on celebrity couples as they deserve some privacy! My fave star couple is Sarah-Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr, they are so sweet and I hope they never split up!!! closing quote
Becky, 13, Portsmouth

opening quoteIt must be frustrating for celeb couples to fit dates into their time. I think that if you love someone enough you should leave your pop group.closing quote
Orla, 8, Merton

opening quoteThe press get too into celebrity relationships, they should let the couple have their own space. closing quote
Louise, Devon

opening quoteI think a lot of celebrity relationships are stunts. Not all of them, but some are done just to attract media attention.closing quote
Bronagh, 12, Derry

opening quoteI don't feel sorry for celeb relationships, they choose to be celebrities, and with it comes the big ups and some downs. I don't think celebs should go out with celebs, they probably both want the lime-light! closing quote
Clare, 12, Essex

opening quoteOf course celebrity relationships can work. I mean look at Brad and Jen, Posh and Becks, Madge and Guy, Cath and Michael. It just depends on the people I think. closing quote
Rachel, 14, Wales

opening quoteI think relationships are hard for people who are famous cos they travel a lot and don't have much time for proper relationships. all the media attention might put more pressure on them too because not all of it's nice stuff. closing quote
Aizzah, 10, Chatham

opening quoteIf your willing to work hard for the relationship, yes it could work, but a relationship takes a lot of work. closing quote
Hannnah, 12, South Windsor

opening quoteI think that it must be really hard for the celebs relationships to work out because they would never get to see each other. And let's face it they don't really have a normal life! closing quote
Jade, 12, West Sussex

opening quoteFor celebs, the media invades their privacy and they feel they have to do what the public wants. closing quote
Jack, 11, Cranleigh

opening quoteThey are doomed unless they step out of the limelight like Kym Marsh and Jack Ryder. closing quote
Eleanor, 11, Reading

opening quoteJustin's crazy! He should just leave N-Sync if he wants to see more of the one he loves. closing quote
Steve, 14, Shanklin

opening quoteIt's all the media attention that makes it so hard for celebs closing quote
Felix, 10, Thirsk

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