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  Are TV soaps too racy?
Updated 08 March 2002, 18.24

TV soaps like EastEnders and Brookside have been criticised recently for showing violence and drug use before 9pm.

Are these just attempts to get more viewers, or do you think the soaps are only trying to show real-life situations?

Let us know what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think soaps should be allowed to put what they like on our screens because soaps arent aimed at children anyway.closing quote
Jack, 14, Swansea

opening quoteHow can all the things that go on in EastEnders happen down one street? I've never watched the show but I know what goes on in the programme. It seems to getting out of hand and the producers are coming out with even more violent scripts just to get viewers and ratings.closing quote
Kimberley, 15, Gloucester

opening quoteI do think that young people should not watch soaps as there are some episodes that are not meant for them.closing quote
Alice, 13, Grimsby

opening quoteKids hardly ever listen to their parents but seeing the consequences of drug abuse, unsafe sex and alcoholism in soaps does a much better job of getting through to people of my age!closing quote
Ben, 16, Upminster

opening quoteI do not think soaps are to racy. They deal with every day situations and they save our parents having to explain things.closing quote
Andrew, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteI think parents are overeacting by changing channels. we hear this language everyday and worse most of the time. closing quote
Gemma, 13, Newmarket

opening quoteDrug use, sex and violence are all issues in real life and you cant be protected from them, so you should be able to watch them on television. We can read about it in newspapers, so why not watch it on TV?closing quote
Lisa, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteWe don't need to see all the violence, drug use and sex.closing quote
Jade, 14, Co Durham

opening quoteSex Educators were saying the other day that sexually transmitted diseases should be featured on soaps, as a form of education that everyone watches. After the Trevour beating Mo storyline, many women came forward because they were being beaten by men. It could have saved one of their lifes. closing quote
Clare, 12, Essex

opening quoteI think Eastenders should to be on after 9 o'clock because it is very upsetting for children of my age, especially the bits with Trevor.closing quote
Elliot, 9, Uppingham

opening quoteI don't think soaps are too violent. Soap bosses know the limits and are very careful not to go beyond them. closing quote
Helen, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteEastEnders is just fine the way it is! closing quote
Giorgia, 12, London

opening quoteSoaps show real-life problems, children shouldn't be protected from that, we want to see what other peoples lives can be likeclosing quote
Kirstie, 12, Wetherby

opening quoteWe think soaps should deal with issues like drug abuse and violence because it does happen and they can warn some people!closing quote
Kate & Steph, 13, Bury

opening quoteI think soaps sometimes go a bit over the top but the public seem to love them so that's why they carry on doing it.closing quote
Paula, 12, Grenock

opening quoteI think that soap should show these things because in real life that's what happens.closing quote
Stephanie, 15, Dudley

opening quoteI was watching EastEnders the other night and my mum turned it over because of the language Sam Mitchell used, I think the language should be toned down. closing quote
Oliver, 15, Alfreton

opening quoteSoaps are not just entertainment, they teach you lessons too. They tackle issues that concern everyday life.closing quote
Arooj, 14, Northampton

opening quoteI think they are not realistic. How many people do you know that have been beaten, taken drugs, got drunk, been raped, had a baby at a young age and death threats all in one life?closing quote
Frances, 15, Newton Abbot

opening quoteSoaps should show drugs and violence because life can be like that.closing quote
Bethany, 11, Stoke

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