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  Grange Hill
Updated 28 February 2002, 15.48

Grange Hill is one of the longest running drama programmes on TV and BBC bosses have decided it needs a complete makeover.

They are planning to change it so much, it won't even be in London anymore!

Is it about time the soap had a new look, or are you going to miss the old school?

Let us know what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think that people might be loosing interest in Grange Hill and this new location will bring new life to the programme. I can't wait for Grange Hill to be filmed here. Hopefully I could audition to get a part in it!closing quote
Neil, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI think Grange Hill completely needs a new image. It has been the same for over 20 years and is old fashioned.closing quote
Jamie, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteIt would look a bit silly making a whole school move to a different place when in real life schools can't do that! closing quote
Krishna, 13, Stevenage

opening quoteAs long as it is still on TV it's fine with me.closing quote
Alice, 11, Port Talbort

opening quoteIt will be really cool if they put the new show in Liverpool. It's not fair that only young Londoners get the chance to be on TV.closing quote
Carly, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI don't care where the set is, as long as the show is bigger and better than before.closing quote
Emzi, 11, Studley

opening quoteIf the show is going to be moved then they should just scrap Grange Hill altogether and start a new programme. closing quote
Thomas, 13, Hamilton

opening quoteGrange Hill does need a new look, but I think that it won't be the same set in Liverpool. closing quote
Henry, 15, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteGrange Hill is THE best programme on TV and it should not be changed. When it moves to Liverpool I will not watch it anymore as it will be too different.closing quote
Joseph, 11, Kent

opening quoteRegional accents are something to be proud of and Grange Hill is one of the only shows which reflects London at the moment.closing quote
Izzy, 15, Croydon

opening quoteIt does well dealing with social issues and shouldn't go back to funny storylines because it teaches viewers about society. closing quote
Hayley, 15, Leicester

opening quoteI love Grange hill but it totally needs a new look. The toilets are just doors on the side of the corridor.closing quote
Emily, 11, Wolverhampton

opening quoteGrange Hill is good as it is! The producers will spoil it if it changes.closing quote
Sophie, 14, Crewe

opening quoteI suppose that it needs a new look because it has been running for a long time, but, I think I will miss the old Grange Hill.closing quote
Adele, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteAs long as it is still on TV I don't mind if they move it to Liverpool.closing quote
Lara, 13, Lincolnshire

opening quoteIf Grange Hill moves to Liverpool things will never be the same! It's a tradition for it to be set in London and I think that traditions should be kept.closing quote
Sam, 16, Middlesbrough

opening quoteI think Grange Hill moving town is good because it gives fresh young actors a chance to be spotted.closing quote
Helen, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI think that is the worst thing for Grange Hill, I can't understand why they have to move it! closing quote
Georgia, 12, Croydon

opening quoteI don't see what the point is. I like the way it is now and I grew up with that school.closing quote
Amy, 11, Malvern

opening quoteI am quite interested in whether a different city would make any difference to the programme. I think it will also be strange for a lot of the viewers, because the programme has been in London ever since the 1st episode!closing quote
Rosemarie, 12, Mexaborough

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