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  Middle East
Updated 08 March 2002, 19.27

The violence in the Middle East doesn't show any sign of stopping and there are daily stories of tragedies on both sides of the fighting.

It's a difficult political situation which the world is struggling with.

But what do you think of the situation there?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteIsrael is fighting a war on terroism against the palastinions, why cant the world get behind it like it does with America? It is exactly the same...closing quote
Sam, 15, London

opening quoteWe could stop this with our aid helpers!closing quote
Liam, 14, Wiltshire

opening quoteThere wouldn't be any violence or bloodshed if the Palestinians were given their land back. It shouldn't have been taken from them in the first place.closing quote
Sara, 15, Wales

opening quoteThe countries are wasting their money on bombs and weapons when it could be used to help the injured.closing quote
Tara, 15, Epsom

opening quoteI have been to the middle east a number of times. It's nothing like the news shows. You don't notice the violence and everyone in Israel is very hopeful and caring. I think that it is tragic that both side can't sit down and discuss their problems.closing quote
Debs, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI thinks it's sad the Israelis are refusing to let the Muslims live on their land.closing quote
Aamer, 12, Edgeware

opening quoteWe should be doing more to stop the violence. It doesn't matter what other people believe in, just worry about what you believe in.closing quote
Stacey, 16, Kent

opening quoteIt is awful to see that people are getting hurt over land and religion. Many innocent adults and children are getting killed. I would hate it is I lost some of my family in the violenceclosing quote
Sophia, 13, Croydon

opening quoteWhy can't people talk about their problems rather that fighting about them?closing quote
Lucy, 14, Horsley

opening quoteThere's been so much violence there, that it has just become part of everyday life and if someone from a bombed area came over to England, they would definitely notice the differenceclosing quote
Nadine, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI think for once they should about the innocent children who lose mothers, fathers ,brothers and sisters everyday in this violenceclosing quote
Nooreen 15, Karachi

opening quoteThe countries are wasting their money on bombs and weapons when it could be helping either the injured or families. I think women and children should be refugees and go to another country for peace and restclosing quote
Tara, 11, Epsom

opening quoteIt's really sad how children and adults are dying when they are innocent. I agree totally with what Lareerah said. The Palestinians should have their rightful land returned to themclosing quote
Serah, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteI feel really sorry for the people who live in the middle east. I would be so scared.closing quote
Hannah, 10, Crowthorne

opening quoteThe land should be returned to its rightful owners, the only reason that so many people are dying is because the Palestinians are willing to risk their life have the land back.closing quote
Emzi, 11, Studley

opening quoteI don't see why these two nations are fighting over land and religion which will be standing a lot longer than the people fighting for these petty issues!closing quote
Oliver, 14, Bristol

opening quoteIt's really awful that people are killed. Can't we just have peace?!closing quote
Dominic & Lydia, 10 & 11, Northamptonshire

opening quoteThe violence will only stop if the Palestinians are allowed to return to their rightful homeland. closing quote
Lareerah, 15, London

opening quoteToo many innocent people are getting killed. closing quote
Harry, 11, Morpeth

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