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  Did Baftas snub Potter?
Updated 26 February 2002, 09.38

The British Academy of Film and Television has given five of its Bafta awards to Lord of the Rings, but somehow overlooked Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Is this because Rings is just a better movie or did Harry get overlooked because it's 'for' kids?

Or did the filmmakers not do a good job turning the book into a movie in the first place?

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opening quoteI've read and seen both stories and Lord of the Rings just doesn't compare to Harry Potter. HP was a much better movie and book.closing quote
Caralee, 14, Abbotsford

opening quoteI think Harry Potter should have won because it was funny, amazing and thrilling. All in all, the best film ever made. closing quote
Leanne, 13, Cornwall

opening quoteHP will get its own chance soon, it has another 6 films to go. We will have our day!!! closing quote
Cathy, 14, London

opening quoteIt didn't get snubbed because it was a kids movie, what about Shrek? It's just because it wasn't good enoughclosing quote
Helen, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI love the Harry Potter books but the film was just far too plain! They changed or missed out lots of the better scenes. Daniel Radcliffe's acting was unbearable. I'm not criticizing the books but the film was just plain dull.closing quote
Jimmy, 15, Wiltshire

opening quoteRobbie Coltrane easily deserved best supporting actor and was totally ignored. At least we are prepared for the let down we will get from the Oscars.closing quote
Danielle, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteHarry Potter gets my vote because it was subtitled for deaf people like me...Lord of the Ring had no subtitles. I have to wait for the DVD version to watch most filmsclosing quote
Dan, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteHarry Potter is way better than LOTR. HP, at least, had a proper ending.closing quote
Ali, 14, Bradford

opening quoteWhen I watched Harry Potter, I thought I was inside Hogwarts! When I say LOTR, It was the most boring three hours of my life. I would rather watch three hours of Teletubbies.closing quote
Trisha, 12, London

opening quoteI really did expect Harry Potter to win some awards and was rather disappointed when I found out they didn't win anything. I admit LOTR was a great movie but it just wasn't Harry Potter!closing quote
Lindsay, 13, Toronto, Canada

opening quoteI believe that Lord of The Rings deserved all the awards it got, but I think Harry Potter should have received some too. closing quote
Jes, 13, New Zealand

opening quoteHarry Potter was not well scripted, the special effects were rubbish, and the child actors were inexperienced and unrealistic. All in all, it was an over-hyped attempt at getting the same glory as the book. The Lord of the Rings was a total epic. It was brilliantly acted, well scripted, and it's a real classic of a story. Sorry HP fans, Lord of the Rings wins hands down. closing quote
Charlotte, 13, London

opening quoteHarry Potter was OK but it just didn't compare to Lord of the Rings. The complaints about it being snubbed because it is a kids film are silly. Anyone who has seen the two films knows that Lord of the Rings was far better - it is the best film I have ever seen. closing quote
James, 12, Isle Of Man

opening quoteI think Harry Potter deserves to win after the amount of hard work put into it. It's a nice change to have a movie, supposedly meant for kids, loved around the world by people of all ages. The movie attracted all different types of people whereas Lord of the Rings attracted an older age group because of the high level of horror and action. It's definitely unfair! closing quote
Katherine, 14, Newcastle

opening quoteAlthough I think Harry Potter is a great film, I think there were plenty of other films that deserved to win too. Harry Potter may have been good but it just wasn't good enough to beat all the other nominees. closing quote
Lauren, 14, Watford

opening quoteI don't think that Harry Potter was snubbed! I was really surprised and let down when I went to see it because it really wasn't that good. Lord of the Rings was the better film by far and deserved the awards it got! closing quote
Helen, 13, Berkhamsted

opening quoteHarry Potter is NOT a children's movie! There are fans of all ages, all over the world! I admit LOTR is great but Harry Potter deserves better!closing quote
Julie, 16, Singapore

opening quoteI was so upset and mad that Harry Potter didn't win an award. They weren't even up for best film! Harry Potter is the best film ever!closing quote
Ashleigh, 11, Liverpool

opening quoteI agree with Darren, it didn't win any only because it's a "kids" movie when in fact, it is a movie for people of all ages!closing quote
Kaleigh, 13, Wethersfield, USA

opening quoteThe reason the movie was ignored is because all the main actors are kids. They can't give any awards to the adult actors because the movie wasn't about them!closing quote
Morgan, 14, Lexington, USA

opening quoteHarry Potter was ignored because it's a kids movie - unfair!closing quote
Darren, 13, Newcastle

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