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Updated 21 February 2002, 14.44

On Wednesday Newsround is taking a close look at the National Health Service and we'd like to hear your comments.

Have you been in hospital recently? What were your experiences - good or bad?

We'd love to hear what you have to say about the doctors and nurses, what it's like in the wards - and even what you think about the food!

Maybe you've got an idea about how the NHS could be improved. Please tell us your story, and include an e-mail address if you would be happy for us to contact you.

(Tell us if you don't want your e-mail published on the site.)

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteMy dad has been in Intensive Care for 3 months. The nurses and doctors and physios and everyone else have been brilliant.closing quote
Sarah, 16, Hull

opening quoteHospital is fun, it has nice food, the beds are comfortable and the nurses are very kind. closing quote
Mark, 11, Stevenage

opening quoteI would like to be a doctor when I'm older, but the state of the NHS, puts me off working in Britain, I think that I'd rather work in the US instead. closing quote
Jenny, 16, Hartlepool

opening quoteI hate hospitals, the waiting lists are too long, the beds are uncomfortable and the food is all leftovers! I appreciate the work that the doctors do, but there need to be more of them! closing quote
Jackie, 12, Guildford

opening quoteI really hated being in hospitals because the beds were uncomfortable and the food was disgusting! closing quote
Francesca, 13, London

opening quoteI quite liked the hospital. I really enjoyed the food and the beds, but the waiting list was appalling! closing quote
Angela, 9, London

opening quoteThe nurses were kind and helpful! When I broke my arm they were really kind and it helped me take my mind off the pain! closing quote
Liz, 13, South Wales

opening quoteI don't know cos I [touching wood] haven't been in hospital since I was born but I think that doctors and nurses should be paid more and that the Prime Minister should think about paying for more beds not swanning off abroad all the time. closing quote
Joanna, Dorset

opening quoteWhen I went to a hospital once, the nurses were kind of mean. I was visiting my dad's friend and they acted as if my siblings and I shouldn't have been in the hospital. They have some strange idea that kids shouldn't visit people in the hospital. closing quote
Alex, 14, Rutland

opening quoteI think it is the governments problem and they have to get there act together. Don't blame the nurses, I bet no one would put them down if they you were seriously ill! They look after us so we should look after them! closing quote
Laura, 14, Weymouth

opening quoteI haven't been in hospital lately but when I did the nurses were great. closing quote
Elizabeth, 12, Cleckheaton

opening quoteThe nurses were really brilliant in my ward.closing quote
Felix, 12, Farnham


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