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  What are your school toilets like?
Updated 15 October 2004, 20.25
What are your school toilets like?
A campaign to improve the UK's school toilets has been launched by the government.

So, what condition are your school toilets in?

Are they so minging they make you feel sick?

Perhaps they're in such a bad way that you'd rather sit cross-legged in class and wait till you get home...

If so, what would you do to make your bogs better?

Whatever your school loos are like, e-mail and let us know!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteDisgusting, smokers always in there, no loo roll, no soap, dodgy locks, no hand drier or paper towels, it stinks and they're always dirty only 1 or 2 out of 10 are ever acceptable to actually use!closing quote
Jen, 15, Farnborough

opening quoteMy loos at school are so disgusting. There are broken loo seats and haven't got any loo roll in. We only have 1 mirror and our sinks are full of litter.closing quote
Hazel, 13, Ascot

opening quoteOur loos are awful because they always run out of toilet paper and lots of people smok in there which is not good for other people's health. And the locks are broken.closing quote
Ashleigh, 15, Rochdale

opening quoteOur school toilets are really rank, because you can open them on the outside and people do open them, and also boys come into our toilets. Grossclosing quote
Addie, 13, Lowestoft

opening quoteI hate my school toilets, they are horrible and smelly and not very hygienic.closing quote
Robyn, 15, Swansea

opening quoteOur toilets are awful, they are disgusting, they smell really bad and are just used for smoking. I try and avoid using them I only use them if I'm absolutely desperate.closing quote
Sasha, 15, Leicester

opening quoteOur school toilets ain't really that bad. They smell alright but they haven't got any soap half the time. Plus there is only one soap in the toilets between year 5,6 and 7. And the boys toilets smell so badly when the door is open you almost faint and I don't know if there is any soap in there. I don't think so.closing quote
Rachel, 11, Greenock

opening quoteMy school loos are portaloos at the moment as the school is being rebuilt they are so disgusting and they flood all of the time.closing quote
Beth, 13, Croydon

opening quoteOur school toilets are filled to the top with loo roll, and they absolutely stink of smoke from when girls have been smoking. I don't like going to the toilet at school, but I know I have to go, so I avoid touching anything. Sometimes you'll see loo roll dripping from the ceiling, by people throwing them up there with water. There's also chewing gum stuck on the side of the doors, and once I got some stuck on my trousers. I hate our school toilets, they're horrible!closing quote
Jenna, 14, Long Sutton

opening quoteOur loos smell 24/7 and have never got any loo roll. They've also been graffitied - some of it's cool though, and they're always locked.closing quote
Rosie, 15, Didcot

opening quoteSchool toilets, let me think. There's no toilet roll, some of them don't even have doors on them, people smoking, taps don't work, graffiti all over them, they stink, sometimes flooded - like the other person's, the list goes on.closing quote
Jay, 13, Scotland

opening quoteOur toilets are disgusting! There's never any paper, there are no locks on them so no one ever goes in.closing quote
Eleanor, 12, Dublin

opening quoteOur toilets are disgusting because no one flushes them because they think they are cool by not flushing - it is just disgusting and there is no loo roll because people nick it.closing quote
Jennifer, 15, Sunderland

opening quoteI hate our loos they stink, they never clean them. People have had been very ill from them.closing quote
Lucas, 10, Warwick

opening quoteOur toilets are horrible they have graffitti, fag ashes and if we are lucky to have bog roll it is thrown on the ceiling. We are too afraid to go in the school toilets because it reeks of smoke and is uncomfortable as some of the locks are broken, and we have to use our foot to hold the door while in the toilet.closing quote
Amy, 13, Swansea

opening quoteOur toilets are awful, they stink, there's no toilet paper well there is but it is dragged all over the floor,the taps don't work, the dryers are cold or they don't work and cigarette ends so the toilets get blocked - it is the worst toilet in the world I would rather go in public than go to their toilets!!closing quote
Joanne, 12, Stockport

opening quoteOur school toilets are horrible. Everybody smokes in there, bullies lurk in there, there's never any soap or toilet paper, when you lock the door it takes 5 minutes to get out again - and more.closing quote
Sophia, 11, Crawley

opening quoteSome of our toilets, the locks don't even work!! That is minging (what if someone walked in on you?)closing quote
Craig, 11, Northfleet

opening quoteOne set of toilets in our school were re-decorated last year, but they are still really bad. People block the toilets, no toilet paper, food is left on the floor etc. Though it's not teacher's/staff's fault it's the pupils. The older students make it this way.closing quote
Rachel, 12, West Sussex

opening quoteThe toilets in our school are horrible and we should improve them.closing quote
Caroline, 13, Loughborough

opening quoteOur toilets are covered in rubbish and grime. A rat wouldn't go in them. People only use them for bunking and smoking.closing quote
Rose, 14, Cambridge

opening quoteWe've just had new loos put in and they're really nice, but we're not allowed to use them in case we smoke in them! This is so unfair!!closing quote
Vera, 13, Trowbridge

opening quoteOur toilets are perfect, seeing as no one touches them. I don't think anyone would like to go in a toilet with no door...closing quote
Hannan, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteMy school loos are disgusting - the school has tried to improve them, however they just get vandalised and ruined again.closing quote
Katherine, 15, Cumbria

opening quoteMy school toilets are disgusting there covered in graffiti and the smell is revolting as it smells like smoke and there is never any toilet paper.closing quote
Natasha, 12, Pontypool

opening quoteMy school toilets are ok but there's lots of rubbish.closing quote
Rebecca, 12, Southampton

opening quoteOur school loos are awful - there are cockroaches and once there was a massive spider.closing quote
Tracy, 11, Manchester

opening quoteOur school toilets are awful, they reek, they have been graffitied all over, everyone smokes in there, the taps don't work, there's no toilet paper - and the list goes on...closing quote
Tom, 12, Rochdale

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