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  Fox hunting
Updated 21 March 2002, 19.07

Fox hunting is back in the news. The sprt is banned in Scotland and could soon be changed forever in England and Wales.

But what do you think?

Is it a cruel sport? Or just the best way of controlling countryside pests?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteWhy should townies get a say in this when they have never even been on a fox hunt let alone seen a fox!closing quote
Laura, 12, Southampton

opening quoteFox hunting is sick and twisted! My friends and I sent a petition round our school and neighbourhoods and everyone signed, we got 2,300 names!closing quote
Laura, 12, Southampton

opening quoteFox hunting isn't cruel. Adrenalin pumping round the foxes turns the animal's nerves off so they feel no pain and if the fox is caught it is killed instantly. Foxes are predators, if they are hungry they will have no qualms about eating your pet rabbit or guinea pig. If the fox numbers aren't controlled, disease will spread through them all. Gassing is very cruel in comparison, shooting is not guaranteed to kill the fox and poison can affect a wide range of animals.closing quote
Rachel, 12, Dorset

opening quoteFox hunting is MEGA cruel.. It is a wretched sport and a horrible way for an innocent animal to die. The foxes suffer greatly because they are chased to exhaustion, then cruelly ripped to death by the hounds. Why not do drag hunting instead? That way foxes won't suffer and you'll still have the fun and pleasure of racing round the country after the hounds. closing quote
Lisa, 12, Prudhoe

opening quoteHunting is terrible. Those who say it is tradition are being ridiculous. If we kept everything by tradition, we'd be dying from smallpox and weeing in holes in the ground.closing quote
Jessica, 10, Bristol

opening quoteI don't think hunting should be banned because all the hounds will have to be put to sleep.closing quote
Lucy, 10, Berkhamsted

opening quoteIf people want to ban fox hunting, they should also ban fishing. Killing a fish is exactly like killing a fox!closing quote
Sanny, 15, Sittingbourne

opening quoteMore foxes are killed by cars than by hunting.closing quote
Tom, 16, Westward

opening quoteI live in the country and I will be so glad when this barbaric "past-time" is banned. I've been to a hunt and it was the most awful thing I have ever seen, really heart breaking.closing quote
Stan, 14, Aberfeldy

opening quoteI know that some people truly believe that fox hunting isn't cruel and I feel sorry for them. They have been brought up being told by their parents that it is good fun hunting and there is nothing wrong with it. I live in the country and I am totally against fox hunting. closing quote
Jane, 14, High Wycombe

opening quoteMost of the people that are voting against come from the towns. If hunting was banned , the hunting dogs would be shot as no one would want to own them a they would chase other animals. Please think about the consequences of a total ban. I think we should have a license system instead. closing quote
Tasha, 12, Maccelsfield

opening quoteI think people should not kill for fun. Why not let the dogs chase scent trails, laid by people instead, so nothing is harmed. closing quote
Hayden, 8, West Malling

opening quoteTownies don't know a thing about the countryside, so why do they say that it's cruel if they haven't been hunting.closing quote
Alice, 12, Wendover

opening quoteFoxes are such beautiful creatures and it's also really unfair. People call it sport. Aren't you meant to have an equal chance in sport?closing quote
Lauren, 11, Northampton

opening quoteI've been on six hunts and they're not cruel. Is it really more disgusting than foxes ripping chickens or young lambs apart and not even eating them? Hunting is a practical way of controlling the number of foxesclosing quote
Hannah, Harpenden

opening quoteIt should be banned because they are killing innocent/pregnant foxes. I personally think it is the cruellest thing I have ever heard of.closing quote
Meg, 10, Welton

opening quoteFox hunting should not be banned. Banning would harm the countryside. People in town's don't understand what happens in the country. People who want it banned are just ignorant and plain stupid. It makes me angry when they go on about how it is cruel and unnecessary. It is not cruel! The animal rights terrorists go on about the rights of foxes. What about the rights of the lambs or hens or sheep and all the other animals foxes kill?. What about the rights of the farmers who have had lots of newborn lambs eaten by foxes? What about the rights of the fox hunters who have the democratic right to follow any hobby or pastime they wish? closing quote
Simon, 15, Carlisle

opening quote I think fox hunting should be banned as the foxes die a very painful death. How would you like it if you were killed by having all your limbs pulled apart?closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Royston

opening quote Foxes can wreak havoc if their numbers aren't controlled. Foxes are a bit like rats, they breed and spread. I don't think they should ban foxhunting because in a few years they will most probably want it back again, so what's the point of banning it now? closing quote
Rachel, 15, Burgess Hill

opening quote I think it should be banned because horses and dogs don't get hunted so why should foxes closing quote
Hannah, 10, Stockport

opening quote There are other ways of killing foxes, other methods. They could be put down like dogs. We need to preserve our wildlife not kill it in cold blood closing quote
Temur, 13, Hendon

opening quote I do all country sports like shooting and fishing, and I've followed hunts since I was 3 years old and I think the government have nothing else to do so all they try to do wreck peoples lives. If the government want to ban fox hunting I will give them a very good FIGHT! closing quote
Jack, 13, Ledbury

opening quote Fox hunting is cruel! It kills the poor foxes and I don't see the point in it. It should be banned forever! closing quote
Milly, 12, Sussex

opening quote I think it is wrong that they hunt foxes because it is natural for a fox to kill a rabbit or something but it isn't nature for a bunch of people to get a dog to rip it to shreds! I think they are disgusting and I think it should be banned! closing quote
Sarah, 12, Bromley

opening quote I think that fox hunting should be banned, because I think that people just do it for fun, and that the foxes should be able to live their lives like every other animal does. If chickens get killed it's just part of nature (although I'm vegetarian) closing quote
Nicola, 12, Walsall

opening quote I think it is cruel. Their only excuse for fox hunting is to get the numbers down. But why don't they just shoot them? I am sure the foxes would much rather be shot than been torn to pieces by dogs! closing quote
Sarah, 10, Rochester

opening quote People say that fox hunting is a sport, so why cant they do drag hunting instead? Somebody drags around a scented object and the hounds track it down. It is the uncurl version of fox hunting! closing quote
Annabel, 12, York

opening quote Hunting is my life and if it is taken away from me it will wreck my family tradition.closing quote
Peter, 14, Ballyclare

opening quote The foxes in Scotland will still have to be controlled only now no-one will benefit. closing quote
Izzy, 13, Leicester

opening quote If killing animals for sport is wrong then any killing of animals should be banned. I bet a lot of people who think fox hunting should be banned eat meat. closing quote
Alice, 13, Oxford

opening quote Can't hunters find any other way to pass their time? closing quote
Mark, 14, Worcester

opening quote I fox hunt and it makes me angry listening to people who want to ban it. They make assumptions and most of them have never seen a fox let alone a fox hunt. Please listen to us life is so hard at the moment. closing quote
Joanna, 13, Hereford

opening quote It should not be banned. It gives the dogs exercise and the horses. If the foxes get away it gives them exercise. closing quote
Mark, 11, Stevenage

opening quote Whoever said that if you live in the town you don't understand how fox hunting works is a complete prat (sorry). I live in the country and here the majority of people see fox hunting for what it is, a cruel minority sport. Why chase a fox for miles to cull it rather than just shooting it so that it dies instantly. closing quote
Julia, 15

opening quote I can understand the killing of foxes due to protection, but the barbaric hunting isn't necessary - especially as a source of 'entertainment'. closing quote
Pat, 14, Glasgow

opening quote I'm from the countryside and still don't agree with fox-hunting. closing quote
Tracey, 16, Tewkesbury

opening quote If killing animals is part of their jobs they don't deserve to work anyway. closing quote
Emma, 13, Chichester

opening quote I have lived on a farm all my life. People in the towns don't understand that the population of foxes has to be kept at a balance. You don't wake up in the morning to discover that all of your hens have been eaten. I think townies shouldn't have their say, they should keep out of our business and let people who live here do what is right. closing quote
Lucy, 15, Shrewsbury

opening quote Taking pleasure out of killing something is wrong. closing quote
Leah, 12, Derby

opening quote Fox hunting is not as bad as it is shown. Though violent, I do not believe that it should be banned. Next they will want to ban fishing as it is "too cruel!" closing quote
Richard , 15, Bodmin

opening quote People like myself don't really know a lot about fox hunting and I think it is unfair to make an opinion on something which we don't know an awful lot about. I think that people should listen to the pros and cons of fox hunting before they presume that it is cruel or not. closing quote
Claire, 15, Belfast

opening quote If fox hunting were banned, what do you think would happen to the thousands of hounds out there? They would all have to be killed. closing quote
Beth, 16, Machynlleth

opening quote Fox hunting is disgusting. It should have been banned years ago. No animal should be hunted by humans. It is totally barbaric - people need to start thinking. closing quote
Sophie, 11, Birmingham

opening quote Hunters say they are trying to control the number of foxes. Can't they find a less cruel way to do it? Hunting causes a slow painful death. They wouldn't like it if it was them! closing quote
Emily, 14, Doncaster

opening quote People shouldn't fox hunt. They aren't pests, or at least they can't help it. They were made to act that way, but people weren't made to hunt them down.closing quote
Nadine, 11, Birmingham

opening quote Any sport that involves killing animals is cruel! closing quote
Jonathan, Portsmouth

opening quote People have got the wrong idea about fox hunting altogether, and they refuse to listen to the truth or go on a hunt to find out what its really like. What use is living in a tolerant society if we are only tolerant towards the things of which we approve? closing quote
Beckz, 14, Wales

opening quotePeople who stand there and say fox hunting is cruel are mostly all townies. They do not realise that it isn't done for fun it - is to keep the number of foxes down. I am not strongly in favour of fox hunting but I am for it! closing quote
Leanne, 13, Surrey

opening quoteI think fox hunting is cruel, and it shouldn't be done, especially with hounds. It should be banned and shouldn't be classed as a sport. closing quote
Sara, 16, Burnley

opening quoteI think fox hunting should be banned and if anybody brakes the rule they should be fined. closing quote
Dicken, 9, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think that fox hunting is barbaric and cruel. I've seen the damage that it can have on the fox afterwards, it's disgusting. closing quote
Rebecca, 15, Coventry

opening quotePeople in cities don't realise that fox hunting isn't cruel.closing quote
Toby, 14, Cirencester

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