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  The new CBBC channels
Updated 11 February 2002, 15.45

CBBC has unleashed two 12-hour TV channels just for kids.

Did you manage to catch them - and what did you reckon?

Do you like the presenters, the studio, and the line-up of programmes?

Are the new channels a good idea - or are there too many kids channels already?!

opening quoteI bet they will be great but I won't know cause I haven't got digital. closing quote
Fran, 14, Stoke

opening quoteIt is really unfair for people like me who don't have digital. I can't watch it and so on CBBC we will probably get really bad programmes and presenters. You should have introduced a channel that everyone can watch. Some people just can't afford digital and so younger kids may get annoyed and jealous. closing quote
Rebecca, 12, Norwich

opening quoteI'll watch it sometimes. closing quote
Natasha 12, London

opening quoteI can't get it because I don't have digital. closing quote
Abbie, 13, Bath

opening quoteIt's a good thing that Newsround could be shown SEVEN times a day now! I like the green bugs too! closing quote
Cozy, 13, Manchester

opening quoteThe channel is really good but I feel sorry for the kids who can't afford the new channel. Are we being fair? closing quote
Sarah, 14, Leeds

opening quoteIt looks great and so are the shows! closing quote
Catherine Foley, 12, Luton

opening quoteCBBC is brilliant.closing quote
Kimberley, 15, Gloucester

opening quoteI think it's great! Much more exciting than any other channel. closing quote
Fay, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteThe new CBBC channel is the best thing I have ever seen. The presenters are great and the variety of programmes are enormous.closing quote
Jon, 12, Kidderminster

opening quoteThe channels are really good, there's already a lot of kids channels but two more ain't a problem. Too bad some people haven't got digital though, they will miss out.closing quote
Sophie, 14, Crewe

opening quoteI think it's absolutely great, especially for half-term, but when school starts again, I'm going to have to tape my favourite programs - though I won't be able to video all of them! closing quote
Nadine, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI think it will be great but I haven't got digital.closing quote
Dale, 13, Thurso

opening quoteI think CBBC for kids is cool idea, I lovvee watching it!closing quote
Steve, 10, Gloucester

opening quoteIt's a good idea but I tried to watch it and can't until we get digital. It looks quite good and the new look CBBC is cool!closing quote
Eleanor, 11, Reading

opening quoteThey're quite good, I like the presenters a lot.closing quote
Jenna, 12, Salisbury

opening quoteIt's more exciting than I thought but I can only watch it at half term.closing quote
Sereena, 11, Bolton

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