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  Closed Circuit TV
Updated 02 February 2002, 12.00

There are more CCTV cameras per person in the UK than anywhere else in the world, and there's a good chance you'll be caught on TV about 10 times a day.

Do you feel safer knowing that the streets are lined with cameras?

Do you think it's a good thing to help crack crime? Or do you feel nervous knowing you can be watched almost everywhere you go?

And are you bothered you don't know just who's watching you?

E-mail us your thoughts!

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opening quoteI think CCTV is great if it can help catch criminals, it doesn't matter that much if we are watched! closing quote
Rob, 13, Bookham

opening quoteI think that it is a great idea, it stops people from vandalising local schools and buildings. closing quote
Paul, 15, Beverley

opening quoteThey should help keep you safe but they only see who does it, they don't prevent it. This was proved by Damilola Taylor. It's a false sense of security! closing quote
Ryan, 11, Wheathampstead

opening quoteThere's just 2 many about. Its just a waste of moneyclosing quote
Dede, 10, Beckenham

opening quoteIt's quite weird thinking that anyone could be watching you, but if it does actually help fight crime then is it's fine by me. closing quote
Sarah, 14, Grimsby

opening quoteI think there is enough CCTV. It's good cos it can help bring down crime! But I DO NOT want CCTV in my home or I can't be normal knowing that someone is always watching's creepy! closing quote
Stephanie, 13, London

opening quoteCCTV is ridiculous! No one wants to be spied on all the time, do they? They've blown this camera thing way out of proportion! closing quote
Melissa, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI don't think there are too many CCTV cameras about because if that's what it takes to stop crime I agree. closing quote
Matthew, 10, Llantwit Major

opening quoteI think there are far too many CCTV cameras. How are people supposed to feel trusted anymore? closing quote
Kelly, 12, Wells

opening quoteCCTV cameras make you feel safe. Even though you're being watched, it's keeping you safe and that's all that matters. closing quote
Mary, 12, Peterborough

opening quoteI think there is too much CCTV, because you don't want to be on CCTV wherever you go!closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Berkhamsted

opening quoteI think putting up lots of CCTV cameras is a waste of money. I think it doesn't fight against crimes.closing quote
Cozy, 13, Manchester

opening quoteYes, it does make you feel safe, but it's strange to feel you're being watched.closing quote
Hannah, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteNo, I think it really invades people's privacy. I think it is good to crack down on crime, but having it in people's bathrooms isn't a good idea. I am bothered.closing quote
Timmy, 11, Winchester

opening quote I think it's a good thing if it helps to fight crime.closing quote
Melanie, 12, Worthing

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