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  Queen's Jubilee
Updated 29 January 2002, 19.24
Are you looking forward to the Queen's Jubilee celebrations?
The Queen will be celebrating 50 years on the throne this June and to mark the occasion there'll be massive parties across the country - even a pop concert featuring Robbie Williams.

But are you excited about the Queen's Golden Jubilee and looking forward to the celebrations?

Or are you just not bothered?

E-mail us now with your comments!

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opening quote I think nowadays less young people actually care about the Queen and monarchy, so, no I don't really care that she's spent 50 years on the throne.closing quote
Nic, 15, Southampton

opening quote I think The Queen deserves a celebration for her Golden Jubilee because she has played an important part in Britain for the last 50 years and is an important symbol of what Britain stands for. However I am not excited about the event because I know I will not be involved, I'm just happy we get a few days off school.closing quote
Joanna, 12, Lancaster

opening quote I think we should have big event on the Queen's Jubilee because it would pull all of the people in towns and cities together.closing quote
Mark, 15, Dumfries

opening quote I think the Queen does deserve a Golden Jubilee because she's gone through a lot in the last 50 years! She's still appreciated by a lot of people, more older people than younger.closing quote
Hannah, 10, Chesterfield

opening quote I think that the queen may not be popular but she's still doing her job.closing quote
Chantalle, 11, Exeter

opening quote I am really excited because at scouts we have been given special badges to put on the uniform.closing quote
Laurence, 11, Tetney

opening quote I think the Queen should have more to do with the public. I don't think so many people will be celebrating this year as 25 years ago.closing quote
Jonathan, 13, Exeter

opening quote I am not that excited about the Jubilee because I don't know much about what the Queen does and how she is so important.closing quote
Rory, 10, Stokesley

opening quote I think that the idea of having a pop concert is a lot more up to date and what most people want to watch, and be part of in 2002!closing quote
James, 12, Hertfordshire

opening quote Yes, I think it would be nice to celebrate the Queen ruling Britain and the Commonwealth for 50 years because she has been Queen for a very long time. I think it will be fun to get the day off school and have a street party!closing quote
Beatrix, 9, Edinburgh

opening quote The Queen doesn't have any real authority, and if she really cared about the people at all she wouldn't waste all this money on a party, she would give it to those who really need it!closing quote
Claire, 14, Derry

opening quote I don't think that the Queen should get the party because she does not do much.closing quote
Daniel, 10, Celle

opening quote I'm not that excited about the Queen's Jubilee as it isn't that big around Cornwall. But it obviously means a lot to her and the royal family. To me it's just like a normal day!closing quote
Beckie, 11, Padstow

opening quote I think there should be one because she works hard and people should respect her.closing quote
Dominic, 10, Reading

opening quote I think it's a disgrace that people don't want to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. It's a major achievement for her and she has every right to be proud. She deserves it after all the hard work she's done over the years and I think people should show more respect.closing quote
Alexandra, 14, Ripley

opening quote I don't think the Queen deserves a big party because she doesn't do much for us anyway.closing quote
Archana , 12, London

opening quote I'm not really excited about the Queen's Jubilee because I don't know what the Queen does, all you see is her opening places - but I do respect her greatly!closing quote
Georgia, 12, Hampshire

opening quote I'm not very excited about the Queen's Jubilee. And don't see why she should have one because what has she done? But I have to say the party sounds quite fun!closing quote
Jane, 10, York

opening quote I think that we should celebrate the Jubilee because we will be having a bank holiday, in the Borough of Wandsworth people are thinking of having a street party.closing quote
Makeda, 12, Tooting

opening quote The Queen has no controlling powers over the country or its government so why should we celebrate her Jubilee?closing quote
Michael, 13, Coalville

opening quote I think it is good that we have a royal family and keep tradition, I think major events like these should be celebrated, and I think the Queen is celebrating it in the right way - having a traditional party as well as a more fun one with music bands etc. We should make a big deal out of it! After all it's an excuse for a party!closing quote
Sophie, 15, Norwich

opening quote The Queen is just a normal person and shouldn't be treated any better than normal people.closing quote
Lydia, 10, Chelmsford

opening quote I think the Queen deserves to celebrate, I think she is really underrated, everyone thinks she is a snob, but I don't think she is. Some of my family including me have met her and she seems really nice.closing quote
Siobhan, 13, Newcastle

opening quote I'm not bothered about the Queen's Jubilee, there are now more important things like the football etc.closing quote
Leigh, 15, Wiltshire

opening quote It can't be that special cos I don't even know what it is!closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Lincoln

opening quote I wouldn't have known about it if I didn't see the page! I am not very excited about it all.closing quote
Sally, 13, Doncaster

opening quote I'm not interested in the Queen's Jubilee but I still think people should celebrate!closing quote
Ilona, 11, London

opening quote I don't even know what the Queen does, so why give her a party!closing quote
Emma, 12, Bourne

opening quote I'm looking forward to the Queen's Jubilee because it means I get a week off school in the middle of my exams!closing quote
Catherine, 15, Selsey

opening quote I'm not excited about the Jubilee at all. Let's face it, times have changed and she's just not that special anymore. Congratulations anyway though.closing quote
Dave, 13, Liverpool

opening quote No, because I've never been interest in the Queen. I don't feel she has done that much for us so there's no need to celebrate unless there's no school!closing quote
Anna, 14, London

opening quote I think the Queen can have a her Jubilee, but not many of us teenagers will be celebrating it!closing quote
Sam, 13, Chorley

opening quote The Queen is really old and she isn't really in touch with the teens how she could be. It would be good to have a day off skool though!closing quote
Cat, 15, Leamington Spa

opening quote I'm not really excited about it but I think it's nice to mark it in some way. closing quote
Helen, 14, Gloucester

opening quote I don't think many teenagers really find the Queen that interesting. I doubt a street party would be the highlight of the summer, but I wouldn't say no to a concert with Robbie Williams, or a day off school. closing quote
Beth, 15, Staffordshire

opening quote I am very excited about the Golden Jubilee. The Queen is a very important figure in today's society and should be looked up to as a good role model for many people. closing quote
Christopher, 15, Fife

opening quote The Queen's Jubilee doesn't mean very much to me, there are more important things in life. closing quote
Sarah, 14, Grimsby

opening quote I'm looking forward to it, it's ages since the whole countries had something to celebrate, I love a good party! closing quote
Eddie, 13, Bury

opening quote We need to get with the times. The Queen isn't popular anymore, so we need to move on! closing quote
Kelsey, 11, Essex

opening quote I'm not really that excited about the Queen's Jubilee, unless it means I get a day off school! closing quote
Abbie, 13, Ponty Pridd


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