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  Footie fan violence
Updated 29 January 2002, 10.23
Jamie Carragher of Liverpool is sent off during the match between Arsenal and Liverpool at Highbury
Have football fans got too violent?

During a footie match on Saturday Liverpool player Jamie Carragher was shown the red card for throwing a coin back into the crowd at Arsenal.

Do you feel safe at football matches?

Or do you think the crowds need to be more controlled and better behaved?

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opening quote I am a big footie fan but all this violence has put me right off going to live matches. closing quote
Ceejay , 12, Hamilton

opening quote I think people who throw things on the pitch should be banned from watching games but I don't think it was right when Carragher threw it back into the crowd. closing quote
Gemma, 12, Hurst Green

opening quote On the whole, football fans are very responsible but it only take one idiot to ruin it for everyone. As for Jamie Carragher he will be dealt with appropriately, I am sure. closing quote
Tom, 14, Leicester

opening quote If I was playing football and I got a coin thrown at me I'd be tempted to throw it back, but he should have resisted the temptation because he really could have hurt someone. closing quote
Francesca, 15, Cheshire

opening quote I think the fans should respect the players and not through objects at them and if they do they should be banned or fined. closing quote
Grace, 13, Freshwater

opening quote I think bad referees are spoiling the game completely! Carragher shouldn't have thrown the coin back in the crowd though and it shouldn't have been thrown in the first place! closing quote
Emily, 13, Barnsley

opening quote I don't like football but throwing things out of crowds is not necessary. I think Carragher shouldn't have thrown it back but shouldn't have got a red card! closing quote
Rachel, 10, London

opening quote I love football and I watched that game because I support Arsenal. I think Carragher was very wrong. I hope footballers get there act together for the good of the game. closing quote
Bilal Goni, 13, Colchester

opening quote I think that violence at football matches is wrong because after all it is only a game and it always will be! closing quote
Bethany, 10, Hereford

opening quote I think that what happened at Sunday's football was definitely wrong on both parts. closing quote
Victoria Fairfax, 16, Rowley Regis

opening quote I hate football matches. I've only ever been to one match and people were fighting. It really scared the life out of me - there was swearing, people were hitting each other, and some were throwing bricks. I've never been back since. closing quote
Sarah, 14, Grimsby

opening quote In the end the football players always get done for retaliating. closing quote
Sarah, 13, Leeds

opening quote I think that Jamie Carragher was wrong to throw the coin back, but I think that any fans who throw coins, cans or bottles should be banned from stadia forever as they encourage violence. closing quote
Oliver Cable, 11, Ipswich

opening quote I think the football fans are not too violent, more a bit too over excited. There should be more rules to stop incidents like this happening again. closing quote
Annam, 13, Manchester

opening quote The game as turned into a disgrace. How as it come to this? Fans throwing things at players is bad enough but when players retaliate its not setting a good example to others. Now you are going to get young kids throwing things at an under 13's match on Sunday mornings because they have seen their idols do it on Saturdays. Something's got to be done and fast. closing quote
Karen, 16, Accrington in Lancashire

opening quote I don't blame him for throwing it back. closing quote
Miranda Callaby, 12, Uxbridge

opening quote I think it was wrong of someone to throw a coin at Jamie Carragher, but he's a role model and he should not have thrown it back. closing quote
Ben, 11, Lyme Regis

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