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  Urban or pop?
Updated 28 January 2002, 13.05
Destiny's Child
What do you think about urban music?

Rap, hip hop, r 'n' b, drum 'n' bass, garage... it was massive last year and it looks set to be huge again this year.

Do you rate stars like So Solid Crew, Destiny's Child, Mis-Teeq, and Shaggy?

Or are Hear'Say, S Club 7 and A1 more your idea of a good tune?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quote Come on - rap, r'n'b, ragga and hip hop are in the style. So Solid Crew are the best they're becoming really popular around my school. If you like pop, rock and indie you are last century. R'n'b, rap, hip hop are in this century. Booom. closing quote
Sylvia, 12, Deptford

opening quote I like most music, but r'n'b is my favourite genre. But couldn't help but laugh at So Solid on Newsround Extra today, they claim to rap/sing/whatever you'd call it about 'real life'. Hmm, well I once had roughly 21 seconds before I'd miss the's a tough life on the streets I tell ya...! closing quote
Spoon, 13, Manchester

opening quote I personally can't stand urban and street tunes - I prefer alternative music. But each to their own opinion, and if you like it, good for you. closing quote
Anch Chowdhry, 14, Bexleyheath

opening quote I love garage music, I do think that urban music will stay until a long time yet! closing quote
Sunny, 15, Leicester

opening quote I like bands like Destiny's Child and Mis-Teeq because they produce quality music but I don't call the So Solid Crew's stuff music. It's just noise in my opinion. I don't think that urban music will be around for long as most people are into pop. Let's see if the So Solid Crew can beat Westlife's 9 number ones! closing quote
Mythanwi Corps, 14, Fareham

opening quote Urban music is cool! closing quote
Helena, 14, Chichester

opening quote I prefer pop to urban - most urban music (especially rap) is completely tuneless and just goes on and on - boring! closing quote
Alexandra Coleman, 12, Eastbourne

opening quote Urban Music? no way! Gimmie STEPS!!! closing quote
Sarah, 14, Grimsby

opening quote There aren't any good bands around anymore. And bands like Westlife and A1 just aren't my cup of tea. closing quote
Eddie, 13, Manchester

opening quote I prefer music like In The End by Linken Park and In Too Deep by Sum 41. closing quote
Dominic Coleman, 11, Eastbourne

opening quote I like pop very much but I still like bands like Destiny's Child and Mis-Teeq. To be honest I just like music. closing quote
Amelia Sneezum, 10, Bedford

opening quote I luv urban music although where I live it isn't on the streets. Garage is my fave and So Solid Crew are wicked. I also like R 'n' B and some hip hop. closing quote
So Solid Gurl, 13, Isle of Man

opening quote I don't like Urban or Pop music, I listen to Papa Roach and Linken Park. closing quote
Abby Hanson, 11, Blackpool

opening quote I love Destiny's Child and So Solid Crew. I think that in a few years there will be hardly any groups left like a1 or Hear' Say it'll mostly be urban groups. closing quote
Emily Smith, 12, Blackpool

opening quoteI personally hate urban music and I don't know how people can listen to it non-stop. If I had my choice I'd ban it all together and make everyone listen to A1 or Atomic Kitten just naming a few! closing quote
Emma Jones, 16, Newcastle

opening quote Rap is the best it is from the heart and goes out to everyone who is real. closing quote
Bob, Canvey Island

opening quote Hip hop rules!closing quote
Nathan, 12, Leeds

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