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  Kym quits Hear'Say
Updated 25 January 2002, 10.30
Kym Marsh and Jack Ryder
The worst-kept secret in pop is out. Kym Marsh has quit Hear'Say.

Is she right to have called it a day, or should she have stuck it out?

Is it the end for the band, or will they be better without her?

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opening quoteShe's made her million and now she's gone. She used the music industry to gain money. Shame on her!closing quote
Laura, 15, Alton

opening quoteI think that it was her decision if she wanted to leave, she obviously does not like it there.closing quote
Fran, 13, Hungerford

opening quoteI think that Myleene should have been the one to leave because she was too full of herself and she was the one who started the row. I think that Kym will have a better career now anyway and hope that one of the finalists on Pop Idol join if they want to. closing quote
Alice, 11, London

opening quoteI think that it was right for Kym to leave the band if she was unhappy. I think she will do well either going solo or making her own band. closing quote
Bridget, 13, Barnet

opening quoteI'm not surprised that Kym had left, if it's because of Jack Ryder or her kids she shouldn't of put in for popstars and should of let another wannabe in. But I'm glad the band are still going - come on Hear'Say! You do it!closing quote
Lydia, 11, Northamptonshire

opening quoteIt would have been perfect if all 5 had gone! closing quote
John, 14, Luton

opening quoteWith the right song and marketing, I feel Kym could make it as a solo artist. The UK is currently lacking a prominent female artist and Kym could fill that gap. I think she's the most 'real' out of the Hear'Say five and people saw that from the programme. People warmed to her. Good luck, Kym.closing quote
Jimmy, 17, London

opening quoteI agree with Charlotte from Stoke-on-Trent I do not think it was fair on the rest of the Popstars because somebody could have had that job who really wanted it, it seems like Kym has had her five minutes of fame and quit when she was not really concerned about the group.closing quote
Shelley, Rhondda Valleys

opening quoteI think that losing Kym will be a sad time for Hear'say fans but she obviously was in da band for all da wrong reasons But da band have said that they will stay 2gether which is fab news so lets see every1 supporting Hear'say as a 4sum !!! Hear'say 4everclosing quote
Ashley, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI think it is really bad news, and that the band may go downhill, just like the spice girls did when Geri left.closing quote
Marc, 13, Plymouth

opening quoteAs long as she's happy with what she's doing I'm happy and I'm sure the band will survive!closing quote
Nick, 15, Cornwall

opening quoteKym has left and it's her own choice and as long as she's happy and her children are happy I don't care what she does. To be honest I don't think it'll be long before Jack Ryder leaves EastEnders too and they move out of the spot light.closing quote
Kirstie, 15, Wetherby

opening quoteI thought Hear'say were really big and now Kym has spoilt it for everyone else in the band. I hope the band get a great number 1 now and that'll show her.closing quote
Rebecca, 13, Helensburgh

opening quoteI think it is ridiculous that Kym has left the band, because Kym is the lead singer of the band and without Kym's strong and powerful voice the band will get nowhere. closing quote
Ellen, 13, Gloucestershire

opening quoteI think it's a real shocker!!! To me she 1 of the main parts of the band Hearsay!! It's really a disappointment to me and most of my family. When I saw it on the web I immediately told went to tell my family!!! I never knew it would come down to this!! closing quote
Lauren, 10, Ipswich

opening quoteI think Kym was the best member of Hear'say. I think she was the only one who didn't let fame go to her head to much and remained faithful to her family, mainly her kids. After all its up to her, and not fair for the public to judge.closing quote
Steph, 13, Harlow

opening quoteIts better that she left if that's what she wanted. If I was going out with Jack Ryder I'd do whatever he wanted.... closing quote
Sammy, 15, Cambridge

opening quoteI think it is stupid that Kym has left the band just as they were getting successful. She went through the trouble of Popstars and won, but somebody else could have taken her place.closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Stoke-on-Trent

opening quoteI am disappointed that Kym has left, as she was the best singer of the group and the strongest. I don¿t think the group will manage with out her.closing quote
Laura, 13, Wirral

opening quoteI think its stupid Kym left, but she has a good voice to go solo.closing quote
Hannah, 8, Moreleigh

opening quoteI think Kym was wrong to split up with Hear'say because she was a good singer, and just because they had a fall out doesn't mean Kym had to split up from the band.closing quote
Hannah, 10, Clitheroe

opening quoteI think Kym was the best in the band and I don't think she should leave!!!!!!!!!!closing quote
Georgie, 12, Oldham

opening quoteI myself like Hear'Say and I think it it is stupid for Kym to leave the band at such an early time. They have only just gotten into this pop thing!!!!!closing quote
Kelly, 12, Chelmsford

opening quoteI can't believe Kym has left. They're my fave group and I'm just totally gutted now.closing quote
Marie, 14, Warwickshire

opening quoteI think it is good that Kym has left because she was full of herself. The band will be better off without her. closing quote
Kirsty, 11, Edinburgh

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