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  Vomiting Virus
Updated 24 January 2002, 19.04

Thousands of schoolchildren across Britain have become sick from a mystery illness - known as the vomiting virus!

Have you or your school been affected by this? In what way?

And are you concerned that so many children are getting this bug?

Or are you so healthy that you'd still be standing no matter what?

E-mail us your comments now!

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opening quote I had the virus and it isn't nice, I vomited three times in four days and most of my school have it.closing quote
Andrew, 14, Northwich

opening quote Loads of people in my school have been off with some kind of virus, I don't think it was the vomiting one though, some people claim they have been feeling sick.closing quote
Chris, 12, Cardiff

opening quote I'm not really worried no one really is that sick at school apart from the occasional flu. closing quote
Amber, 12, Frome

opening quote I myself had the virus, but don't know anyone else but me who has had it! It's weird because the last I was sick was when I was 8 yrs, I'm hoping that I won't have anything like it for a long time, if possible NEVER AGAIN! closing quote
Storm, 14, Bognor Regis

opening quote I have been off school today and yesterday because of this illness. Most of my friends have had it too and I must have caught it off them!closing quote
Rosie, 15, Preston

opening quote Today there was only 8 people in most of my classes, and most of my friends have gone down with it and now I'm worried to because it is going around so quickly and both my sisters have it as well!closing quote
Hannah, 12, London

opening quote Most of my friends have got it and even my form tutor had it and now there's only about 15 left of us out of 30. closing quote
Steph, 13, Harlow

opening quote I have recently had this vomiting virus and it came on all of a sudden. It passed through my family in a matter of days. It is the worse illness I have had in a long time but fortunately it only lasted a couple of days.closing quote
Anna, Plymouth

opening quote My school hasn't been hit, but my Dad has been really sick lately. closing quote
Carla, 13, Oxfordshire

opening quote I have been ill for a very long time, and I have only just recovered. I really hope I don't get ill again!closing quote
Bekky, 11, Trowbridge

opening quote I have been OK but only 13 were in today out of 28 in my class! closing quote
Emily, 13, Glossop

opening quote Students at our school seem to be OK but people are gradually being off school because they are vomiting and have stomach upset. It sounds horrible! - I hope I don't get it.closing quote
Rachel, 13, Cambridge

opening quote I am a little bit worried although I don't get sick too often. It's a bit shocking, really! closing quote
Rachel, 14, Kent

opening quote My best friend has it and It's a real shame. She's been off school for 3 days. People say it'll blow over after a few days but I'm still worried. closing quote
Mandi, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI hardly ever get sick but now I'm worried.closing quote
Dan, 12, York

opening quote Me and my brother are scared that we may catch it and HAVE TO miss school work. closing quote
Josh, 12, Wakefield

opening quote Lots of people at are our school have been having days off and coming back and saying that they keep vomiting.closing quote
Jon, 13, Telford

opening quote I can't believe that this virus is spreading so quickly.closing quote
Claire, 12, London

opening quote I have just had the bug and I haven't been sick in years! Also loads of my friends have got it. The good thing about it though is that the teachers all have it and the people who cover for them keep forgetting to give us homework! closing quote
Charlie, 12, Southampton

opening quote It don't worry me the smallest bit! closing quote
Ben, 11, Northampton

opening quote Our school hasn't been affected, and I really hope that it doesn't because I can't afford to miss any school, I have to do GCSE work!!! closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quote In my school, there are a few students affected by this illness. These days I'm worried about this virus, so many times I don't want to go to school. closing quote
Sarah, 13, Manchester

opening quote Our school hasn't been hit yet but I hope it doesn't because we have exams shortly! closing quote
Aisling, 13, Derry


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