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  Whitbread winner
Updated 24 January 2002, 13.04
Philip Pullman collects his award
What do you love about Philip Pullman's books?

Philip Pullman has made history by winning one of the country's top book prizes, and you all seem to loving reading his books.

But what do you like about the stories?

Is it the way he writes?

Or what he writes about?

We are no longer taking e-mails on this topic. Please scroll down to read what you had to say...

opening quote I like Pullman because his books are so gripping but Harry Potter is a magical story. I love Harry Potter but I think that all books are great and shouldn't compete. closing quote
Sam, 12, Chelmsford

opening quote Dark Materials are much better than Harry Potter. A film should be made of them instead because Pullman wouldn't let a huge company mess it up like Warner Bros. did. closing quote
James, 11, Dublin

opening quote Such an intelligent book deserves such recognition. He's miles better than Harry Potter and I hope he will not subject it to the cheap merchandise market that the Harry Potter film has opened. closing quote
Lisa, 15, Birkenhead

opening quote Philip Pullman has to be one of the best writers the world has ever known!! I'm so pleased other people are finally seeing the amazing talent he has. Compared to Pullman, Harry Potter is nothing. Pullman's books are far better and more descriptive than Harry Potter, how could you put one of his books down? He's a great man, I hope he continues to write such breathtaking books. closing quote
Amy, 14, Derbyshire

opening quote I adore his books and I'm glad that he is getting more publicity, he deserves it. His Dark Materials trilogy is excellent and Sally Lockhart Quartet is just as good. I would recommend his books to anyone who loves Harry Potter, even though they are very different. Keep on writing good books Philip Pullman! closing quote
Rachel, 14, Glasgow

opening quote When I read Philip Pullman's books, despite the fact that they were fantasy, they seemed very real and the characters were deep enough to be real people. They truly are amazing. In a way they are like a more challenging Harry Potter. Philip Pullman and JK Rowling have opened the door to a whole world of amazing children's books. closing quote
Sam, 14, Exeter

opening quote I have read all of Phillip Pullman's books and I am glad that he is finally get some recognition for all his hard work. After reading the first one, I had to keep asking at the library if they had any information on the next release. I just think they are really good books, and even my Mum agrees. closing quote
Tom, 14,Teignmouth

opening quote The books of Philip Pullman have sensational adjectives and wonderful plots. closing quote
Shahid Khan, 10, Luton

opening quote Philips books inspired me in such a way that I wish I could pursue a career in his field. closing quote
Douglas Elder, 16, Aberdeen

opening quote I love his books I like the they're set. closing quote
Jessica, 11, Birmingham

opening quote I really love reading Phillip Pullman books, I just couldn't put it down! My favourite character is Will, he is really brave. I also like Iorek Byinson and the mulefa. closing quote
Tom Hounsell, 10, Oxford

opening quote I like the way he writes. His stories keep me gripped. closing quote
Ben, 12, Repton

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