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  Does technology work for you?
Updated 21 January 2002, 10.12
A Sony Aibo robot dog
Technology's moving so fast it's hard to keep up.

We often take it for granted but do you really like the idea of toys so advanced they know how you feel?

Or super-clever robots with minds of their own?

Or should we be looking at the benefits technology's brought to medicine and communications?

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opening quote I think technology is really good if it helps people but I don't think they should bring out new models all the time and toys that think - it's going just a little too far. closing quote
Claire, 14, Wigan

opening quote I think that if we have robots and things that are so advanced that they can even make good friends, then we won't bother socialising with other people and we will not have proper relationships, which will be sad. closing quote
Claire, 14, Wigan

opening quote I think technology is really good if it helps people but I don't think they should bring out new models all the time and toys that think is going just a little too far. closing quote
Susan, 13, Kilmarnock

opening quote Electrical toys that can almost read your mind? What happened to the simple toys of today? Technology, NO WAY! closing quote
Mellisa, 11, Derby

opening quote No way, you think about it: a robot that has feelings. You couldn't just throw it away when you're bored or stop playing with it and imagine if it begins to learn. That's just not safe. closing quote
Daniel, 13, Northampton

opening quote Gameboys and computers are great, but all these super-duper clever robots, well I think there's no point for having them, I mean give me one reason why we need them???? closing quote
Jessie, 10, Caernarfon

opening quote I really wouldn't like robots with their own mind. People who make these things should concentrate on good things which everyone will like and buy! closing quote
Lydia, 11, Northamptonshire

opening quote I think it's stupid having robots doing things like washing because we will end up being lazy. closing quote
Greg, 12, Nottingham

opening quote I don't mind things like mobiles and computers etc but robots that can speak and think for themselves are just scary. They might become jealous of you and kill you or something! closing quote
Katie, 13, Cottingham

opening quote I think that if we are ready to create intelligent and sentient life forms then we must be prepared for the consequences. Racism and sexism and discrimination are hot topics and full of controversy as to whether or not we've dealt with them in today's society. If we can't respect each other, what hope does an artificial life form have? We should only create life if socially we are ready for the change, and at the moment we are not. closing quote
Rebecca, 15, Stockport

opening quote I own a robotic dog. It's good fun but a thing that's not really got a brain to be able to be like a friend is going a bit too far. closing quote
Aileas, 9, Edinburgh

opening quote I think it's great but I wouldn't like every thing to be like a machine closing quote
Craig, 10, Glasgow

opening quote I think robots would be great in the future for helping people, but I don't see the point of buying expensive robot toys. closing quote
Beth, 13, Aberystwyth

opening quote Everyone says that in a couple of decades people will have robots more intelligent than us. But how can we design something smarter than us, if we haven't yet got to that stage of intelligence?! closing quote
Angus, 12, Guernsey

opening quote Technology is great. Where would we be with out it? But super-clever robots...that's really freaky. I don't think I'd want one! closing quote
Kaleigh, 13, Wethersfield, USA

opening quote It's all moving so fast its hard to keep up. Some of the technology is cool but its all way too expensive for anyone to buy so what's the point in inventing it? By the time we can afford it it's not new and in. closing quote
Jo, 13, Hinckley

opening quote Technology's cool for gadgets but I don't want my toys looking at me! closing quote
Olivia, 14, Londonderry

opening quote Technology is moving fast but if the robots have their own minds, they wouldn't obey humans and would do anything they want - even kill humans! closing quote
Cozy, 13, Manchester

opening quote It all seems way too weird, toys asking you if you're ok? That's really scary! closing quote
Sarah, 14, Grimsby

opening quote Toys can't see us, they don¿t have a mind of their own, they sense us. I think it is totally cool; without technology we wouldn't be able to chat like this! closing quote
Tim, 14, Huntingdon

opening quote I think it's great but having toys with feeling and things like that is too much! closing quote
Eethar, 13, Riyadh

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