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  Are school teachers in short supply?
Updated 18 January 2002, 09.31
Are teachers in short supply?
A school in England has had 13 teachers in only 14 weeks because they couldn't find a permanent teacher.

Do you think this is big problem in schools in Britain?

Are you at a school where you've had more teachers than hot dinners?

And what do you think should be done about it?

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opening quote I am in my final year of high school and have had five supply teachers for science. My class are fed up with it! closing quote
Rachel, 15, Luton

opening quote Our school PE teacher left on maternity leave at the end of September and ever since then we have had at least 10 different supply teachers. closing quote
Shabnam, Sabiha & Naimah, 12, Preston

opening quote I've had three teachers since I started my school and now I don't even have a proper teacher. The government should stop thinking about how you can make schools more technological in the future and how you can sort out the problem we have now! They keep trying to bring solutions which will come into existence in about 2004 and forget about how to sort it now for those of us with key exams coming up this summer! closing quote
Anon, 14, London

opening quote My younger brother who is in Year 5 has had six supply teachers in the past two weeks. If it continues it will easily beat the featured school's number. It would have been easier for him if he had had the same supply teacher for the whole period. closing quote
Clare, 14, Norwich

opening quote Since we started in primary six after the summer holidays, we have had 10 teachers and are now on number 11. closing quote
Amy, 10, Cowdenbeath

opening quote My class have had such a bad time this year. Our teacher is so poorly we have to have supply teachers all the time. I have one teacher in the morning and different ones in the afternoon. closing quote
Kelly, 9, Coventry

opening quote I'm in my final GCSE year at school and it's difficult enough as it is but now I'm on my fourth English teacher as another one is leaving without teaching us all the work. It's our future these people are messing with! closing quote
Lisa, 15, Preston

opening quote I have had lots of supply teachers for RE and it is too hard as each teacher teaches us something totally different from the last one. closing quote
Karan, 12, Braintree

opening quote Last year I had loads of teachers for science, all we did was copy out of the science books. We had all sorts of teachers including PE teachers. It's very confusing and it is very annoying. closing quote
Lisa, 13, Bromley

opening quote I think it is disgraceful that our education can be messed about with so much. I am a year 10 student and I have had to drop one of my GCSE lessons, Spanish/French, because there were not enough teachers to teach it. closing quote
Stacey, 14, Birmingham

opening quote When I was in year one at a previous school, our class had two teachers but one (who was the head teacher) was off sick and the other had a baby, so we had lots of supply teachers throughout the year. closing quote
Matthew, 10, St Helens

opening quote Right now I'm preparing for my SATs and I don't have a proper English teacher. The teachers always come and go and expect you to know. everything! closing quote
Sophie, 13, London

opening quote I've had lots of teachers, it gets really confusing and you don't have time to get to know one properly. closing quote
Rebecca, 14, Leeds


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