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  Second chance for bullies
Updated 17 January 2002, 09.57
Do bullies deserve a second chance?

The government has decided to introduce rules which means bullies and pupils who carry weapons will be excluded from school.

It will also be made harder for them to return once they've been expelled.

Do you think this will make you feel safer from bullies?

Or do you think it won't give bullies a chance to mend their ways and learn that bullying is wrong.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI understand bullies have problems but the only way they can properly face up to them is through force, so maybe expulsion is the only way.closing quote
Julia, 14, Barnet

opening quoteI think if one person can make so many people upset and ruin their chances to a good education then they don't deserve one.closing quote
Philip, 12, Oldham

opening quoteA boy at my school had his nose broken the other day and the bullies got away with a detention, what kind of a lesson is that going to teach them? If people are getting away that easily then the problem is never going to be solved.closing quote
Eddie, 13, Bury

opening quoteBullies are bullies. They are selfish, mean and don't care for others. They pick on weaker children just for fun. I think they should be expelled and taught not to harm others.closing quote
Heather, 14, Southampton

opening quoteAt the moment I am at home after being suspended for hitting someone who has been bullying me for 3 years. I think the schools are wrong for suspending me, I think they should crack down on bullying as much as they can to help everyone.closing quote
Jason, 14, Brackley

opening quoteI think that bullies should be excluded because I get picked on by loads of people just because I have a different accent.closing quote
Alexander, 11, Chester

opening quoteI think it's good that bullies should be expelled because I was bullied and it's not very nice at all.closing quote
Katie, 11, Lichfield

opening quoteI think bullies should get another chance to prove themselves but be punished but if they do it again.closing quote
Eleanor, 13, Doveridge

opening quoteI think bullies should be expelled because they punish other children in the school so they should be punished.closing quote
Laura, 13, Newport

opening quoteBullies are people that are often more hurt themselves than the actual person they have victimised, they should be given a second chance to mend their errors and see right from wrong.closing quote
Phillip, 11, Chester

opening quoteI think bullies should be expelled and don't deserve a second chance. There's no reason for bullying.closing quote
Sophie, 11, Bradford

opening quoteI think bullies shouldn't have a second chance and should be punished because if they have a second chance they will obviously carry on and get worse.closing quote
Jodie, 13, London

opening quoteBullies shouldn't get a second chance. They should realise bullying is pathetic and stupid.closing quote
Heather, 10, Kendal

opening quoteI think that bullies should be kicked out because it is the only way to get rid of them. If people know about this punishment then it should stop it.closing quote
Sophie, 14, Crewe

opening quoteI think that bullies should get expelled, if they are caught. This would set an example for other children that bullying is bad.closing quote
Nahid, 14, Sheffield

opening quoteBullies should be given a second chance to give them a chance to see the error of their ways.closing quote
Tom, 11, Grimsby

opening quoteBullies deserve a second chance because if they get expelled they will not have a good education.closing quote
Ryan & Sharnie, 10, Birmingham

opening quoteBullies are people just like everyone else! I think that to bully someone you have to be going through a rough patch. I'm not saying that bullying is right as I was once a bully but I have seen the error of my ways!closing quote
Elizabeth, 15, Taunton

opening quoteBullies do not deserve a second chance. Whatever they do to other people should not be allowed at all and parents should be in control over their children at home and at school. closing quote
Dionne, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI think bullies should be kept out from school full stop!closing quote
Mellisa, 12, Tooting

opening quoteI don't think bullies deserve a second chance as they hurt other people and should be punished.closing quote
Lara, 11, Wellingborough

opening quoteI think they shouldn't be expelled because then they will only ever be bad.closing quote
Lucy, 9, Chichester

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