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  Prince Harry, drink and drugs
Updated 14 January 2002, 10.36
Prince Harry
Prince Harry has admitted that he smoked cannabis and drank heavily during last summer.

Since then he has visited a clinic for people who have problems with drugs to learn about people who can't stop using them.

What do you think about Harry, drugs and drink? Is it such a big deal, or is everyone making too much fuss about nothing?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think that while innocent members of the public are trying hard to ignore drugs, Prince Harry is being very selfish and taking them.closing quote
Sara, 14, Oxford

opening quoteI think that he should be left alone, it's nobody's business but his and his family, and his life shouldn't be plastered all over the television. closing quote
Ali, 14, Menai Bridge

opening quoteI think that Prince Harry deserves more privacy, but I am disappointed in him as he is one of my role models.closing quote
Craig, 11, Oldbury

opening quoteI'm glad he's had help but I think there must have been a reason for him doing it in the first place; being so much in the public eye can't have helped.closing quote
Helen, 14, Gloucester

opening quotePrince Harry is getting a lot of attention over something that happens to most people at some time in their lives, especially teenagers. Who cares?closing quote
Lori, 11, Carrick

opening quoteI think you should leave him alone because he has tried it and now he won't try it again.closing quote
Charlie, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteI think Harry might of done this to get a bit of attention, as everyone keeps on about William. Just because he is royal doesn┐t mean he can't touch drink and drugs. They're making a lot of fuss about something that Harry did once!closing quote
Oliver, 13, Bristol

opening quoteI think that the press and other media sources are being far to harsh and melodramatic over Harry's "drinking & drug taking habit" He is only a teenager doing teenage things. He is being penalised for his actions just because he is famous!closing quote
Oliver, 13, Bristol

opening quoteI think that all the news coverage is just going too make it worse. Lots of people in the uk take drugs and drink but they aren┐t on the front cover of the paper. He┐s just a normal boy!closing quote
Rachael, 12, Inverness

opening quoteAll teens do this and it isn't fair that just because he is Royal, the spotlight should be put on him. If he doesn't go out and do what teens do, he's going to grow up a sad person.closing quote
Sara, 11, Bridgnorth

opening quoteI hate drugs and drinking and I do not think Prince Harry should be doing it. But he deserves his privacy.closing quote
Georgina, 10, Wrexham

opening quoteI think that this shows that, just because you are royalty, by no means are you perfect. You'd think that with the amount of money spent on his education, that he would know the risks he is taking.closing quote
Calum, 14, Newton Stewart

opening quoteI think that Harry is just a normal boy but famous. Hasn't everyone tried alcohol? Maybe not lots of it but most have at least tried it. Drugs is a different matter and he should stop that.closing quote
Tim, 14, Huntingdon

opening quoteI think it's a disgrace. How can we get rid of drugs if our own Prince is taking them?closing quote
Moe, 13, Derby

opening quoteI would like to know where he got drugs from, and he should lose his driving licence.closing quote
Aaliyah, 10, Birmingham

opening quoteI think it is a shame that he has been taken to re-hab because lots of teenagers take drugs and drink and they just a get a warning!closing quote
Rosamund, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI think people should just leave him alone. This is just what teenagers do.closing quote
Alex, 12, Bradford on Avon

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