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  Rundown schools
Updated 11 January 2002, 10.55

Is your school minging?!

A group of kids at a school in Bedfordshire certainly think so - they made a video to show how bad their facilities are.

What's your school like? And do you think things will ever improve?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteDon't even get me started on my school! We have changing rooms for PE that haven't even seen a bin and toilets that haven't been cleaned for many years now. Disgusting!closing quote
Tim, 14, Huntingdon

opening quoteOur school desks are disgusting - there's not one desk without chewing gum under it.closing quote
Liam, 12, Trowbridge

opening quoteOur changing room stinks and is untidy. I wish we could have lockers for the uniforms and to hold our perfumes!closing quote
Cozy, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI think the money should be spent on something better for us, like lockers.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Molesey

opening quoteThe Government keep talking about how they're going to improve Education, but I think they should do more doing, not saying. I think school's should share out money, based on how much a school needs to get up to scratch.closing quote
Tricky, 13, Weston-Super-Mare

opening quoteIf you think your school is bad, you should see ours. The toilets haven't been decorated since the school was built.closing quote
Mally, 16, Sunnybank Farm

opening quoteOur school got refurbished over summer and all that was changed was the wall colour went from mouldy cream to snotty green. Ugh!!closing quote
Sarah, 16, Cumbria

opening quoteI think that the government spend more on schools that are rundown, instead of the future ideas that were shown on Newsround, because we probably won't get the hi-tech things for ages.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Kent

opening quoteIf they want to make the schools hi-tech they will need to put a lot of money in to the schools. My school is just a dump.closing quote
Lucy, 14

opening quoteOur toilets are 70 years old, and badly need refurbishing.closing quote
Boy at Harrold Priory school, Bedfordshire

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