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  Violent computer games
Updated 08 January 2002, 10.04
Computer gaming

Loads of you will have received computer games for Christmas - but experts say they could be bad for you!

Do violent games encourage more violence?

Do you think kids know the difference between fact and fiction?

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opening quotePersonally, I don't get influenced in any way by computer games so I don't think that buying or receiving violent computer games influences or harms people.closing quote
Kriti, 11, Essex

opening quoteI have got games that are violent but that doesn't seem to make any difference.closing quote
Rizwaan, 13, London

opening quoteI don't think all violent computer games encourage violence but personally I don't like them.closing quote
John, 11, Doncaster

opening quoteWell I think that violent video games aren't bad and they don't influence violence. Smarter people would know that it is just a video game and shouldn't be done in real life!closing quote
Rob, 13, Syracuse, New York

opening quoteI play computer games all the time, it doesn't make me violent in real life, it helps me take anger and stress out in a controlled way. They can also be social if you play with other people on line.closing quote
Ben, 13, Leicester

opening quoteI think that some people can play on these games instead of actually going out and doing it in the real world which is dangerous.closing quote
Toby, 12, Peterborough

opening quoteSome computer games are but they're only for fun!closing quote
Dillan, 13, Oxford

opening quoteI like games and think that when you play computer ones and you¿ve had a bad day, you can take anger and stress out on your games.closing quote
Lucy, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think that violent computer games do make a lot of violence.closing quote
George, 9, Woking

opening quoteI think violent computer games encourage violent activity and young children should not be encouraged. closing quote
Sasha, 12, Oxford

opening quotePeople seem to think computer games violence is cool, so they buy the game, it doesn't make them violent - it just makes them addicted to the game.closing quote
Tim, 14, Huntingdon

opening quoteI play games blasting aliens and I still think violence in real life is terrible.closing quote
Freya, 10, Bristol

opening quoteI don't think shooting anyone in a computer game makes an influence on the people playing them.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Leeds

opening quotePeople sometimes copy what they see on computers which can be dangerous.closing quote
Robin, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteComputer games are violent but also fun and after all, they're only computer games.closing quote
Jack, 11, Kew

opening quoteViolent computer games help to relieve stress, as it controls your anger to a fictional character, rather than taking stress out on a real person.closing quote
Daniel, 14, Southfields

opening quoteI don't think they give a bad influence, anyway, younger people aren't allowed the more violent games.closing quote
Euan, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI don't think shooting is bad unless you think them as real people.closing quote
Anna, 9, Norwich

opening quoteSome are bad some are good, it depends on how much violence there is.closing quote
Matthew, 10, Barton-Le-Clay

opening quoteIt's just for fun.closing quote
Sian, 9, Naeth

opening quoteI don't think it makes people violent, it's not real and the people who play the games realise it. Violence usually comes from a bad background not computer games.closing quote
Helen, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI don't think shooting someone in a computer game is bad because it's not really real.closing quote
Sophie, 13, Kettering

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