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  Should we worry about weight?
Updated 04 January 2002, 17.44
Burgers are high in fat
The UK now has a million overweight children.

Many doctors think we need to get fitter and lose weight to be healthy.

But some people say the pressure to be too slim is as damaging as being overweight.

What do you reckon?

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opening quoteI think your weight matters in some ways. If you weigh too much for you height then it means you are putting pressure on your heart and you could end up killing yourself. But I feel the most important thing is that you yourself are happy as a person.closing quote
Jodie, 13, Edinburgh

opening quoteWhy should people worry? You are what you are.closing quote
Hannah, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteI think that it's alright to eat junk food once or twice a week, but I don't think you should eat it everyday.closing quote
Monordjo, 12, Leeds

opening quoteI think if your unhappy about what you weigh don't diet but instead of eating junk eat fruit.closing quote
Beth, 10, Corby

opening quoteMost children and lots of teenagers worry about their weight, but you are still growing so you should have fun. All you have to be is healthy.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Morecambe

opening quoteChildren and teenagers need to be taught that during your younger years dieting is not the answer to weight problems. A balanced diet and regular, healthy excercise is the way to go. closing quote
Eddie, 13, Bury

opening quoteI think that obeseity is mostly caused by problems at home and not necessarily their lifestyle.closing quote
Naomi, 12, Stapleford

opening quoteI don't think you need to weigh yourself - the most important thing is that you're fit and healthy.closing quote
Natalie, 12, Leicester

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