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  Six-term school years
Updated 17 December 2001, 18.33
Do your school terms drag on forever?
Are you bored by the end of your summer holiday? Do your school terms seem to drag on forever?

A special report is recommending a new six-term school year. This will mean you'll have shorter holidays but more often.

So tell us what you think about this - should it be final bell for three-term school years?

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opening quoteI think its a bad idea, because you will never get into the routine of lessons; by the time you get used to it and working at your best we will have another holiday. Will we get more homework through the holidays?!closing quote
Jenny, 14, Cambridge

opening quoteI think that 6 terms are a good thing because at the moment we are getting really bored at school towards the end of term so if they give us one halfway through we'd work harder the rest of the time.closing quote
Rees , 13, London

opening quoteI think its a really BAD idea. Yeah okay, maybe we won't have to wait as long for the holidays, but when we are in the holidays there won't be much time to wait till school again. Also in summer, we always go away and so it will totally muck up our holidays then. And also, would there be 1/2 term? So I think its a stupid idea. We are all fine as we are thank you very much. closing quote
Emily , 12, Newcastle

opening quoteI already have a 5 term year, and it's really good. We have shorter holidays, but more of them. The 6 term year means you get shorter holidays, AND less of them. I think the 6 term year is a bad idea. closing quote
Natalie , 11, Biddenden

opening quoteIf there will still be half terms then there will be 12 breaks a year. I think shorter breaks will be annoying because there won't be enough time to go on trips and still have spare time. closing quote
Richard, 12, Bucks

opening quoteI think this is a really bad idea, does the government really care about us? If they did they wouldn't make us do loads of lessons which means carrying heavy books about. They should let us have our opinion on it before even considering it.closing quote
Bob, 14, Riverdown

opening quoteI think changing the school year to six terms is really silly. It means that when summer comes you're cooped up inside a classroom, wanting to go outside. I would rather be in a classroom in winter because you can't do as much. We go on holiday in the summer for two weeks and it is hard enough for my parents to organise us a holiday with six weeks holiday. It would be even worse with less time. closing quote
Rebecca , 12, Ingatestone

opening quoteI think it's a ridiculous idea to change the school terms because one of the reasons you have long holidays in summer is because it gets really hot and you want to go on holiday, not to school.
opening quote
Amie, 11, Southhants

opening quoteWe think it is not a very good idea.
  • 1. Because we go on holiday every summer and it will put that to a halt as we go for a long time
  • 2. In the summer it is hot and sticky and We don't think we could work in that condition
  • 3. Easter is when our family gets together and if we only had 1 week we would not have time to do so.
  • closing quote
    Beth and Emily, 10 and 11, Salisbury

    opening quoteI think's it a terrible idea; school is already a lot of hard work, and the Government are just trying to over-push the youth of today by cutting out the long summer holiday. They didn't have to put up with a 6 term year, so why should we?closing quote
    Nicky , 15, London

    opening quoteI think it is a great idea but it means that our summer and Easter hoildays are shortened.closing quote
    Mark, 15, Bristol

    opening quoteHave you all lost your minds I thought that everone h8ed school its boring and you can't do nothing there. The proposed plans don't mean longer holidays it means 1 week less and I think it is better to wait and have something to look forward to.closing quote
    Parker, 15, Lincolnshire

    opening quoteI really don't like this idea because the summer holiday is well deserved after working the rest of the year and is a time to relax! I also think a one week holiday at Easter is pointless!closing quote
    Alex, 16, Preston

    opening quoteI think it is a great idea but it means that our summer and Easter hoildays are shortened.closing quote
    Mark, 15, Bristol

    opening quoteI think the new 6 terms are a very good idea. Even though my school breaks up before most schools, this term is very long. The summer holidays are a bit long and you get out of the routine of doing homework. And you get bored. So I would like the new idea. closing quote
    James, 13, St.Albans

    opening quoteI think it's brilliant, because you get more time off and you don't have to wait for ever for the holidays. closing quote
    Lewis, 10, Helston

    opening quoteI think it is quite a good idea because you won't have to wait as long for a break. But when you want a break it is better to have a long one! closing quote
    Mia, 12, Ashford

    opening quoteI think that changing the school year will be stupid. I have hard enough trouble getting in to a new school year and settled down without having more terms. It will mean some schools will be at school while others will be in middle of their term. Easter will also be mucked up with holidays probably not even landing on it. I think its a bad idea. closing quote
    Samantha , 16, Barnehurst

    opening quoteI think it sounds good because you won't have to wait so long for your holidaysclosing quote
    Lisa, 10, Birmingham

    closing quote

    closing quote

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