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  Racism in towns
Updated 12 December 2001, 10.09
Riots in May this year
Summer riots which took place in Britain happened because different racial groups in some places never mix, say officials.

So we want to know what you think.

Is your town racist? Are there white or black areas which don't mix?

Or perhaps you've got a good idea for bringing divided areas together.

Email us now!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI go to a school which is full of mixed cultures. Everyone is equal and the teachers are not racist - white and black children come to the school alike. I am white and I am proud to say I have many friends from many different cultures. closing quote
James , 12, Birmingham

opening quoteI feel that quite a lot of racism is due to it not being taught in schools enough. Not only should there be more mixed schools but it should also be taught to whites as well as other ethnic groups. If this was to happen children could be taught at an early age not to be racisist and this would prevent a lot of the racism going on in our country today. closing quote
Kelly , 14, Guildford

opening quotePeople think that racism only sexist from white people to black or asian. But it works both ways, I live in Easton, a mostly black community and I happen to be white. Just because there isn't much mixing of cultures doesn't mean that people here are racist. People say 'oh i know lots of black people, i'm not racist' but just because you know them doesn't mean you aren't. You can't look down on anyone because that just makes you seem worse. It's wrong and everyone should be treated right. Otherwise what is the point ?closing quote
Andrew , 12, Bristol

opening quoteI'm white, living in a mixed cultural community. I have lived here and through the riots, all my life. I think the gap between the communities can be bridged only by non-english speaking nationals learning to speak english. After all, if we were to go over to Saudi-Arabia, we would be forced to adopt their culture so therefore they should try to adopt ours.closing quote
Anna , 15, Bradford

opening quoteI think its horrible whats going on. I think everybody should just get on with each other.In my primary school racism did not exist and now in comprehensive school it's the same. So why can't it be the same everywhere?closing quote
Lucy, 11, Cardiff

opening quoteOur school is not a racist community because we all treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves. Everyone thinks the riots we had were terrible and we all hope that they never happen again.closing quote
Jodie, 10, Burnley

opening quoteI think the riots were unfortunate because Burnley is a nice place and people visit here from other countries such as America and Pakistan. I was born in Burnley and I am brown and I love it here, so I think I should stay where I was born.closing quote
Aqib, 9, Burnley

opening quoteI think racism is wrong. You don't say to people that you skin is different to mine or say that your religion is different to mine. We are all the same. Racism is not right as you hurt people's feelings.closing quote
Uzma, 8, Burnley

opening quotePeople should accept all other people whatever colour their skin is or what religion they are. Schools should teach children to accept everyone so there would be no racism.closing quote
Sophie, 14, Broadstairs

opening quoteI think that more thinking before people act would stop the fighting before it happens. If people thought more they'd realise we are all people - not 'blacks', 'whites' or 'Asians'.closing quote
Sounak, 10, Burnley

opening quoteI think we should have more clubs for the different races to mix especially for the young people - we are the adults of the future.closing quote
Brannan, 10, Burnley

opening quoteI think a big community centre in a neutral area should be built for every culture to use. It would be good if this was also a youth club for people aged 16-26.closing quote
Alex, 10, Burnley

opening quoteI was in my Uncle's house when we heard noises and smelt smoke. We looked outside and saw a pub on fire. I felt really scared. We had to stay upstairs in a room together.

In the afternoon we went out but a taxi driver told us to get inside because it was starting again. A helicopter was above us and our house was surrounded by people. I was shivering with nerves about what might happen. We daren't go out for ages. It was horrible. It happened because some people don't like each other - they are just a few who spoil it for everyone else.

The police helped to keep us safe. We all need to get on and find positive things about each other. At school we all play together and read and write about each other's cultures.closing quote

Humma, 8, Burnley

opening quoteWhen the riots started I was in bed when a big bang woke me up. Mum and Dad came into my bedroom to protect me but I was scared and worried about my paper shop. Later on I saw lots of boarded up shops. I was worried it might happen again.

I think it is about the colour of people's skin but I don't understand that because people shouldn't be like that. I've got lots of Asian friends in my school. Now it's better because the government, Burnley Council and the police have worked together to sort it out.closing quote

Michael, 7, Burnley

opening quoteWe have no problems at our school because we do lots of events that include all of our children and we get along nicely. Where I live it has now changed because all of the fighting has died down. I think it is ridiculous that black and white people were fighting like this. I hope it does not happen again.closing quote
Stephanie, 8, Burnley

opening quoteTell everyone not to judge other people before you get to know them.closing quote
Rebecca and Ben, 8, Burnley

opening quoteRacism is wrong because when you have started it, then it will start to be a very big argument. It makes people very upset indeed! If you see a fight then I don't think you should join in, you should stop it. You should think about other people and treat them as well as you would like to be treated!closing quote
Zahra, 8, Burnley

opening quoteI think we should all come together in one big group and think about racism and who the adults are passing it on to - the children!closing quote
Katy, 8, Burnley

opening quoteI think my school is not racist because I am black and I don't get called racist names. We don't have groups for different backgrounds or anything. Everything we do we do together. We have had a problem in Burnley with riots recently and I was really scared but now it's like it all happened in a different country.closing quote
Sarah, 9, Burnley

opening quoteWhere I live was just where the riots happened but now I think it was just a one off because everybody is mixing and getting on alright now.closing quote
Nicole, 9, Burnley

opening quoteI attend a good school, where racism is practically unheard of. I think this is because of the social and moral education we get at our school. this should increase so if children are taught from a young age to respect cultures, they won't be racist when they're olderclosing quote
Kelly, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteThe world is not so big that we should be fighting. Nobody wins, we all suffer. We should get on as one community.closing quote
Asif and Tayib, 10, Burnley

opening quoteI think there should be more youth clubs to have fun.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Hackney

opening quoteWe have hardly got any people here who aren't white and I think that lots of people in Britain don't understand what it's really like in places like Bradford.closing quote
Marcus, 12, Chippenham

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