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  Classrooms of the future
Updated 10 January 2002, 16.57
Future classrooms?
Have you ever wondered what school will be like in the future?

The government has loads of plans for making classrooms more hi-tech and lessons more enjoyable.

But what do you think? Let us have your craziest ideas now!

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opening quoteI go to Westlands School which has just been rebuilt, where we have swipe cards, and every teacher has laptops already.closing quote
Lloyd ,14, Torquay

opening quoteI think we should have a swipe card for when we go into school, so we can start when we want. We could put the card into a computer and do each lesson and stop for a break whenever we want. This way we go to school when we want and leaving is up to how early you woke up!! Ingenious!closing quote
Tim ,14, Huntingdon

opening quoteThe idea that the whole learning process becomes interactive is not right because that would take the whole idea of learning out of school. You couldn't experience friendship, classroom politics or have all the fun behind your teacher's back.
opening quote
Kay, 16, Bristol

opening quoteThe chairs you sit on will all be on rails and they will take you anywhere in the school automatically. On the right armrest is a panel that has lots of buttons with every room in the school labelled beneath them. On the left armrest is an intercom to use at lunchtime, where lunch can be ordered from the kitchen. closing quote
Jonathan, 12, Oxford

opening quoteNo teachers, just do the work over the internet, that would be cool!closing quote
David, 9, London

opening quoteI think that we should all have laptops built in our desks now with a mini teacher inside and you can turn it down when they're shoutingclosing quote
Katherine, 12, Co. Armagh

opening quoteI think that changing schools would be great but keep the books!closing quote
Joe, 12, Preston

opening quoteI think that we should have a computer or a laptop each and have a virtual teacher on them to teach you. Then at play time you could play games on the computers! And I wish they would pick my school to test out the computers because I would really enjoy it!closing quote
Laura, 12, Burton

opening quoteI think we should have the hi-tec schools because teachers can't nag you.closing quote
Emily, 9, Stratford upon Avon

opening quoteI think you should have a watch with a satellite connection so you wouldn't have to get shouted at by your teacher you could just press mute. closing quote
Tom, 9, Portsmouth

opening quoteThe idea of learning at you own pace is good, but has one big problem - there will be no teachers to supervise so loads of kids will mess around. The government can't find enough teachers to fill the places, so they are just using computers to teach instead!closing quote
James, 12, London

opening quoteI think the new hi-tec schools are great but what's wrong with the good old fashioned blackboard and exercise books?closing quote
Laura, 10, Staffordshire

opening quoteI think having a cyber school which has lots of computers will be really cool and better for kids to learn on. And no homework is a good idea.closing quote
Carl, 12, Stilton

opening quoteSomeone comes in at night and programs a screen and the next day the screen comes up with what the pupils have to do. Every 15 minutes we get to play in the play park in the school for 15 minutes.closing quote
Gemma, 11, Dunfermline

opening quoteWe would get no homework and would only go to school for one morning a week to be told our assignments and then work from home!closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Bishops Stratford
opening quoteI think that the lessons should be all on computers instead of having pens and paper because it costs loads each year to buy them!closing quote
Sarah, 13, Leeds

opening quoteI think the Cyber Classrooms are a brilliant idea, more kids would go to school if they upgraded the classrooms.closing quote
Benjamin, 12, Cheltenham

opening quoteIn the future you would not have to go to school because you would know everything already......we wish!closing quote
Hannah and Danielle, 10, Hartley Wintney

opening quoteI think the classes will be bigger and we will get less attention from the teachers. We wont be educated as well.closing quote
Candis, 16, Visalia

opening quoteI think that in the future for classroom, the desks will have built-in computers and we won't have to pay extra.closing quote
Laura, 12, Homewood, US

opening quoteI agree that touch screens would be cool. People are right. Writing on a desk that is vandalized with writing all over it isn't very neat because the paper always rips when it sinks down over the letters carved into the desk.closing quote
Jaime, 12, Saskatoon

opening quoteVIRTUAL REALITY! You could put on a programmed head set, and you could visit places for subjects such as Geography and History!closing quote
Angus, 12, Guernsey

opening quoteI think that all classrooms should have self catering services and computers that talk to you.closing quote
Helena, 9, Acton

opening quoteNo school building and we can have food and drinks whenever we want and we can go wherever we want whenever we want.closing quote
Ruby, 9, Lewes

opening quoteI think that classrooms of the future would have no homework and the teacher on telly so you could change the channels or talk to your friends.closing quote
Rebekah, 8, Newburgh

opening quoteI think that a virtual teacher 'cos then they might not see you mucking about at the back of the classroom!closing quote
Heather, 10, London

opening quoteI would have touch screen computers to do our work on because at my school, most people forget pens and other equipment and the teachers don't like to keep giving them out. They should make desks that you can't write on because when you try to write on a piece of paper on a desk that is totally written over, it is impossible!closing quote
Jackie, 12, Herts

opening quoteI think you should be able to have a teacher that is a robot and it can turn into any thing.closing quote
Jessica, 9, Leeds

opening quoteYou would each have a computer with lots of learning software, and at the end of a period your computer would automatically switch programs. At playtime, you could bring a computer game and you'd play on it for a while. And there would be NO HOMEWORK!!closing quote
Tom, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteWe will have robot teachers and they will be deaf so we can shout as much as we can and we get easy work because they will only know the basics.closing quote
Kirsty, 10, Galashiels

opening quoteI think in the summer on boiling hot days lessons should be outside! But in winter I think you should have a big, nice, warm display in your classroom to make you feel at home and warm instead of shivering all of the time.closing quote
Hannah, 11, Chester-Le-Street

opening quoteNo More school buildings. The teacher can't tell us what to do and we learn one subject. There's no homework and teacher is a robot.closing quote
James, 11, Harrogate

opening quoteThe classroom would be in your home, and the lessons would be on a CDrom so you could do them on your own computer.closing quote
Natalie, 11, Biddenden

opening quoteI'd have virtual homework and no pen and paper, but touch screens instead closing quote
Jon, 12, Somerset

closing quote

closing quote

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