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Updated 07 December 2001, 15.52
Have you ever run away?
A new report says that around 50 children aged under 11 run away from home each day.

Have YOU ever run away from home? Do you know someone who did? What was the experience like?

We want to know your stories.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI have never run away. It wouldn't be nice out on the streets. I feel sorry for the people out there. Never run away! closing quote
Debbie, 14, Bangor

opening quoteI ran away from home once, because I thought everyone hated me, I came back after 2 days at a friend's, I realised my family have never hated me and never will! closing quote
Danielle, 10, Chesterfield

opening quoteI've seen a lot of movies with kids running away from home, and when I was younger I thought it would be quite fun to be a run away. But, I've wisened up a bit over the past few years. I've learned that running away doesn't help you at all, but makes everything worse. closing quote
Haley, 12, Surrey

opening quoteI think the reason many young people feel the need to run away from problems is they see no other way out. Teenagers have an enormous amount of pressure put on them.

I think to stop the large amount of young runaways the government should make it easier for young people to seek help, I think that American schools have the right idea with having student councillors who are there for all problems from school and homework worries, to problems at home. Maybe the government should look into an idea like that. closing quote

Anon., 15

opening quoteNone of us can lie we all have thought of running away but the reason for me is I haven't got the guts to run away and it only gets you deeper in trouble, I assure you it does, I know from my brother. closing quote
Dan, 12, Stockport

opening quoteI ran away in the summer. I was in our local shopping centre with my mum. We had an argument and I left. I walked and walked all the way to Old Welwyn. I was gone for four hours. It was really scary and the police gave me a very stern telling-off. I will never forget and will never EVER do it again and I advise other people not to because it is a terrible experience. closing quote
Natasha, 11, Welwyn Garden City

opening quoteI have never run away and luckily I, as far as I know, don't know anyone who has. But when I have gone to places like London, there are always lots of people on the streets, and if I could I would try to help them. But there are so many that it is too difficult to support them all. closing quote
Angus, 12, Guernsey

opening quoteI feel sorry for the people who run away, because they must have had a good reason for it. But you shouldn't run away from your problems you should stand up to them. If you're being bullied don't run away because the people who are picking on you will feel they've achieved their goal. closing quote
Amy, 9, Plymouth

opening quoteI think that children should not run away because it will make things worse and your family will get scared. closing quote
Gabriela, 14, London

opening quoteI ran away and it wasn't good out there. the reason why I ran away was because I had a very bad fall out with my mum and dad and I had to run away and when I did I was out there for three nights and I couldn't take it.

You had to be all alone, no friends and the hard thing was being independent because when you are out there you have no one to give you advice of what to do or where to go.

And for all teenagers who have run away over a fall out with your parents or a argument - sort it out don't run away from the problem, get the problem out of the way and sorted so that it never happens again. closing quote

Franchesca, London

opening quoteI was going to run away, but I realised even though I had been having a rough time at school, my family still cared about me, and they are more important. closing quote
Carly, 9, Lancaster

opening quoteI think it is wrong to run away from home, I have done it before and I was very ill because I had no food or drink. I had a row with my mum and everyone bullied me at school because I was new so I packed a blanket and all the money I could find which was 55p and went not thinking about anything else. NEVER EVER RUN AWAY EVEN IF I DID. closing quote
Jordan, 9, Manningtree

opening quoteI ran away from school after stealing some sweets when I was 8. Everyone was looking for me and my Mum was so scared. I would never do it again because seeing my Mum hurt like that just wasn't worth it.closing quote
Alice, 12, Faversham

opening quoteI do think about running away sometimes but I think about what might become of my future, it will only make things much much worse.closing quote
Victor, 11, London

opening quoteThere's no point running away because I did it once and it's horrible, so really you should just try and sort it out.closing quote
Darran, 15, Plymouth

opening quoteI ran away from home because I had a horrible argument with my Mum and Dad. I was out for a whole night and even though I was close to home, it was still very scary.

I felt like I just had to get away at the time, but I wouldn't do it again. I'd stay at a friend's house and at least then there'd be someone to talk to.closing quote

Mandy, 12, Coventry

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