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  The Beatles
Updated 11 December 2001, 19.38
What's your favourite Beatles' song?
Critics say that The Beatles are the greatest band of all time.

So we want to know what your favourite Beatles song is and why?

Or maybe you think they're not that legendary at all!

Here's what lots of you have been saying.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed. But there are other Comments pages in the Chat index.

opening quote The Beatles were the beginning of all the pop bands today and they should be idolised for that quality if no other. It is extremly sad to hear of the death of George Harrison after all he went through. It is really sad that the death of him is the only way for some of the younger generation find out about him. closing quote
Alexandra, 16, Leeds

opening quote The Beatles WERE the best band ever. I was devasted by George's death. I like 'I'm only sleeping' and 'Here comes the sun'. Even though they are very different from each other they have a unique style like all the Beatles songs. closing quote
Rachel, 13, Cheshire

opening quote In response to Mandy from Coventry's comment, I think she should keep opinions like that to herself at a time like this because hundreds of thousands of Beatles fans are in mourning all around the world. closing quote
Elenour, 16, Liverpool

opening quote Without the Beatles, none of today's music would be like it is, they have been such a big influence on many bands. closing quote
Phil, 17, Birmingham

opening quote The Beatles are one of the greatest bands ever. They have written some of the all time biggest songs and are some of the most recognised faces in the world. I dont think anyone who thinks differently can have listened to one of their songs properly. closing quote
Jenn, 13, Prudhoe

opening quote They were the first real boy band and actually played their own instruments. Now how many sucessful bands play their own instruments nowadays? closing quote
Rachel, 13, Norwich

opening quote I love Eleanor Rigby and Hey Jude because they have beautiful melodies and wonderful meanings. The Beatles are great, but so are many others... closing quote
Ally, 13, London

opening quote I think the Beatles had very good music. I liked Eleanor Rigby, Here Comes The Sun, Yesterday, Yellow Submarine, Help!, Can't Buy Me Love, Lady Madonna, Hello,Goodbye, Hey Jude, The ballad of John and Yoko, etc. closing quote
Laura, 12, Chicago, USA

opening quote I really like the Beatles and my school choir sang a medley. My favorite song is probably Michelle, Yesterday or Eleanor Rigby. closing quote
Alice, 11, London

opening quote I think 'I am the Walrus' is the best one they ever did. George Harrison passing away had an affect on my family because all of them loved the BEATLES. closing quote
Fred, 11, Herts

opening quote My favourite Beatles song is I am the Walrus because the lyrics are ace!!!! closing quote
Nick, 12, Stoke

opening quote I haven't got a fave song cos they all rocked!! Can I just say how upset I was when I heard about George Harrison passing away. He was a great man and without him, the Beatles would have been nothing. closing quote
Carly, 14, Luton

opening quote A lot of pop bands today don't have very original songs, but the Beatles were the best. closing quote
Natalie, 13, Lincoln

opening quote I think their tunes are rubbish and the lyrics are weird. I've never understood why so many people liked them. My Mum says they took drugs so they hardly set a good example to people. closing quote
Mandy, 12, Coventry

opening quote 'Yesterday' is my favourite, it's so powerful and you always know what it is as soon as you hear it. closing quote
Eddie, 13, Bury

opening quote The Beatles were like any other band & should be treated like it. closing quote
Kira, 15, Glasgow

opening quote I like Yellow Submarine because of its catchy chorus. closing quote
Meghan, 15, Marlow

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