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  Your Comments: Are surfers geeks?
Updated 25 November 2001, 19.27
Are surfers geeks?
A new survey says net surfers aren't the geeks they're often made out to be.

What do you think about spending time on the net?

Is it exciting, full of games and sometimes helps with homework?

Or would you rather be outside playing with your mates, or just reading a book?

Email us now with your comments!

opening quote Surfers ARE NOT geeks! Most of the kids in my class go on the net a lot as well! The reason I think that people take the mick out of you if you go on the net a lot is because they probably don't have the facilities themselves. closing quote
Helen, 12, Southampton

opening quote The internet is better than real life, because you get to do everything you can normally, without as much effort! closing quote
James, 14, Market Harborough

opening quote I think people who surf the net 24/7 aren't geeks exactly but could do with some sort of life outside like sports, shopping or voluntary work. closing quote
Carly, 12, Essex

opening quote I think it's good cause u can contact people much faster than if u write letters. It's good 2 have other hobbies 2 though.It definitely doesn't make u a geek! closing quote
Jessica, 13, London

opening quote At my school even the most popular kids are on the internet at lunch time so whoever you are you can surf the web. closing quote
Liane, 13, Lowestoft

opening quote I think that as long as you're enjoying the internet who cares what anyone else thinks, everyone has different tastes! closing quote
Michelle, 12, Derby

opening quote If you do spend all your time on the computer people will think you're a geek. Tell other people what good sites there are on the web, and what you learn. It could become a trend. closing quote
Leanne, 14, Gatehouse of Fleet

opening quote I think surfing the internet is great for things like homework. It's also great fun to chat and make friends. closing quote
Grant, 10, Harrow

opening quote I think that the internet is much more fun than playing outside. Although we do need to get some fresh air as well!!! closing quote
Louise, 11, Andover

opening quote The net is brilliant, why should the people who use it be classified as geeks!? closing quote
Alistair, 12, Reading

opening quote Surfers geeks?! No way! The internet isn't for nerds, it's for everyone! Homework, sorted, fun, yes, it's everything! I mean just one site I know of has 20,000,000, that's 20 million users! closing quote
Peter, 12, Barking

opening quote It took me ages to save up for my computer so I thought that I should make the most of it. Then I realised just how useful it's been by keeping in contact with people all of the world. closing quote
Andrew, 14, London

opening quote There's nothing wrong with it if you do other things as well, like sports. closing quote
Sammy, 13, Knebworth


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