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  Your Comments: Animal cruelty?
Updated 11 December 2001, 19.34
What do you think about the treatment of animals used for food?
The RSPCA claims that some chickens suffer terrible conditions before being sold as meat.

Should humans eat animals?

Do you think animals deserve the right to a happy life before we eat them?

Or do you think that animals don't have the same feelings as people, therefore it doesn't really matter how we look after them?

Here's what lots of you have been saying.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed. But there are other Comments pages in the Chat index.

opening quoteI think that it's wrong to kill animals for food.closing quote
Geoff, 12, Bywater

opening quoteWe are carnivores, we were made to eat meat.closing quote
Mattie, 11, Brighton

opening quoteWell I'm a vegetarian and I hate to see animals being tortured. Shouldn't they have the same right as us? closing quote
Rachel,12, York

opening quoteI think that animal cruelty is unfair, but why do people who are eat meat feel the need to protest so much? Aren't they just hypocrites?closing quote
Nikki,15, Barking

opening quoteIt's all part of the food chain as it has been for years.closing quote
Anthony,15, Wilmslow

opening quoteIt's just like battery hens really, and I don't approve of that either. I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm against cruelty to animals, they deserve a happy life for as long as possible.closing quote
Gemma,12, Maidenhead

opening quoteI am a vegetarian and do not eat chickens. They should be kept in better conditions.closing quote
Luke,13, Birmingham

opening quoteI hate the fact that chickens are poorly treated before they eat them, it's like being a prisoner on death row, in the worst prison in the world.closing quote
Angus,12, Guernsey

opening quoteIf you haven't got the guts to kill it, you shouldn't eat it!closing quote
Melinda,12, Chatham

opening quoteIt's much healthier to be a veggie.closing quote
Keith, 14, Glasgow

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